6 rookie mistakes to avoid when furnishing your home

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We love it when your home is a reflection of your personality. You deserve to have a beautiful and functional space that you’ll enjoy for years to come. We know that furniture is expensive. Buying furniture that’s not right for your home is a huge waste of your money and efforts. 

We’re taking you through a list of 6 rookie mistakes we see when people furnish their homes. Our guide will help you streamline how you pick out furniture and help you invest in the right pieces for your home. At any time, connect with professionals on homify for more guidance. Let's start our list!

Mistake # 1 – Relying on a lonely ceiling lamp

Moving into a new place is exciting! A home full of possibilities inspires us to dream big. Usually, rookies assume that the built in lighting will be enough for them. Then, when they’ve painstakingly decorated a room, it still seems to fall flat. 

Versatile lighting scheme that adapts to the room and the mood is what pushes your style from mediocre to extraordinary. The right lighting makes all the difference. Ask any professional, and they’ll tell you that lighting is one of the key aspects of a beautiful home.

Take your lighting into your own hands. Don’t rely on a lone ceiling lamp to illuminate the cozy living room of your home.

Mistake # 2 – Forgetting to take into account the actual size

Another mistake is when you're so focused on the style of the furniture that you forget how it will fit in your home. It’s disappointing when the pieces you chose don't fill up a room. Or, worse, the furniture is all crowded and cramped together. 

Before you commit to a piece, make sure that you have considered its measurements. Keep your available space in mind. Try making a sketch and bring it on your shopping trip. Look at it to remind yourself of how each piece will fit in the layout of your home.

We love this perfectly proportional living and dining space!

Mistake # 3 – Getting too personal

One mistake that makes visitors roll their eyes at your design is when you get too personal with your colour scheme. A colour scheme sets the mood and tone for a room. Vibrant colours excite and inspire, while subdued shades invite you to relax. 

Your favourite colour can find its way into your home in the form of accent walls, cushions, and other decor items. Be subtle about bringing your own personality to a room.

Mistake # 4 – An overbearing room

Proyectos de interiorismo varios estudio 60/75 Modern living room
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

Your home is where you cook dinner, relax with family, and spend time with friends. It’s more than a place to display everything you own. Cut down on clutter and junk in your home. Otherwise, you’ll have an overbearing space that’s not as welcoming as you think.

Keep out some of your favourite pieces and put others away for another season. Not everything you own needs to be out all at once for all to see. You’ll get a solid style in your home if you cut down on some of the sentimental items you have out on display.

Mistake # 5 – Mixing too many styles

We’re not averse to mixing up styles! One of our favourite looks is Scandinavian design mixed with boho chic, like in this perfectly Instagrammable home

It’s just that sometimes, the mash-up doesn’t go over well. A country cottage style dining table won’t look good next to a modern minimalist kitchen, for example. When you go with a theme, each new addition to the room has to fit with that theme.

The best homes have a sense of cohesive style throughout each room. Elements and colours tie them together, but each room has its own distinct charm. Try to tie the rooms of your home together by working within a colour palette.

Mistake # 6 – Forgetting function in favour of form

It’s not that hard to find a beautiful couch. It’s very hard to find a beautiful couch that fits your home and your lifestyle! Cream coloured couches like this are great for adults who don’t have a taste for red wine.  If you entertain a lot or have kids, that couch is going to be a purchase you regret. 

Don’t forget functionality when you’re picking out pieces. They should be beautiful as well as practical. We love this minimalist glass coffee table, but it’s a terrible choice if you need to baby proof the house!

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