18 gorgeous gardens that turf the grass

Leigh Leigh
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Stone, wood or tiled floors are increasingly replacing traditional lawns found on terraces or gardens. What is the reason? There are several, including the fact that it's far more practical.

Although grass and soil give an outdoor area a refreshing look and feel, it requires regular maintenance as well as good sun and plenty of water. What's more is that grass can be the breeding ground for one of the most annoying pests: mosquitoes.

This is why many houses that once had a gorgeous garden at its entrance or backyard now features floating wooden floors, terracotta tiles or simple white or coloured stones, which are budget-friendly and very aesthetically appealing.

On homify today, we are going to look at 18 beautiful terrace and garden projects that don't feature a lawn. We will come across exquisite combinations of stone, tile and wood. 

Because there is no lawn or garden, there will be no flowers. However plants appear in these designs in very strategic places, either contained in pots or in little beds.

Without a doubt, the following ideas will inspire you when it comes to your outdoor garden or terrace.

Let's take a look!

1. Be Zen

Each region of this garden features a variety of stones that decorate it. Have some fun with different shapes, colours and sizes.

2. Floating wood on a raised floor with cut stones of different sizes

Designed by professionals Deck-linea, this small terrace features a spacious wooden deck surrounded by grey stones in different sizes and shades. These elements are ideal when it comes to showing off the plants.

3. Transform a terrace into a luxury deck with floating wood

Here we can see how the deck covers the entire surface of a terrace – a spectacular invention! Have you ever seen such a beautiful space?

4. A central path of tiles surrounded by stones

This elegant and modern design makes the little terrace very accessible. The rustic tiles in white tones complement the white stones. The back garden is the cherry on top!

5. Recreational patio with a sand pit for children

This is a modern playground where tones and textures work in harmony with one another. The little pool and the green of the tree adds a unique splash of colour.

6. Choose tiles that are rustic and textured

These rustic tiles not only look great but they are non-slip, which means no one will fall when the floor is wet!

Don't you love this classic style?

7. Rustic imitation stone tiles

If you like the colonial-style of rustic elements but don't want to go for a bunch of pebbles, then use your tiles to get the same stone finish. As we can see in this design by Melian Randolph, the effect is gorgeous!

8. Geometric in white and grey

The polished cement and white stones allow you to create something very modern and impressive, as we can see here.

9. Take advantage of the space, combining elements

You may want to combine wood and tiles like in this design by Earth Designs.

10. Pure stone with pots for an inner courtyard in the city

When there is no sun, grass does not thrive. Thus grey stones are very practical and look spectacular when contrasted with a green vertical garden.

Have a look at these tips for creating and planting a vertical garden.

11. Expressive power

There are no limitations when it comes to using stones in your backyard. Create paths of stone or introduce slabs of wood. 

12. Large tiles in harmony with wood

The most popular tiles today are the ones that are made with earthy tones and are textured.

13. Urbanize without paving away the natural environment

Trees can be a necessary part of an outdoor space so work around them!

14. Shrubs emerging from stone

The implementation of plants in a stone floor for a garden can be a very magical and surreal look and feel.

15. Irregular tiles for paths between stones

Do you see how great a path can look in between grey stones?

16. Magic garden using lighting and stones of different sizes, textures and shapes

Don't forget to shed some light on the topic! Put some lamps in the ground and you'll create a dream-like atmosophere.

17. Replace the green of the lawn with the green of the plants

18. A wooden floor is ideal for a small terrace

If you have a small terrace or courtyard, use wood as it is very cost-effective and durable. The aesthetic result is also very appealing!

Also have a look at these tips for making a big impression with a small front garden.

Which garden is your favorite?

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