19 superb space-savvy closets for your home

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It is incredibly important to have enough space in your home to keep your clothes organized. This requirement is even greater for young people, especially those who have lots of clothes. Having enough drawers, shelves and hangers helps to ensure that the room is also organized.

In this homify article, we will show you a variety of closets and dressing room designs suitable for small houses. These models will inspire you to keep your home organized as well add a new design element into your space. You will see every kind of style imaginable!

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1. Dressing room in the study

In this example, the study and dressing room are in one room, saving on space. The illumination of the white room also contributes significantly to the aesthetics of the design.

2. Up to the ceiling

You can also use vertical space to make the most of your home. A closet extending up to the ceiling can hold so many more clothes.

3. Suitable for a studio

If you have a studio apartment, there may not be enough room for a closet in a bedroom. In this case, invest in a closet in your living room. 

You just need to make sure that it doesn't look like a closet that should be in a bedroom. Choose a piece of furniture that works in harmony with the living room design.

4. Dark and light tones

Contrast dark wood and light wood for a beautiful closet space.

5. Dressing in style

If you don't have the space for a walk-in closet, convert a corner of a room into a little dressing nook.

6. Embedded in the wall

If you're battling with space, another option is to make the most of the entrance of the home, using a niche behind the column beam as a closet like design professionals HO Architects & Interiors have done here.

7. Ideal for small rooms

It is very convenient to use a design like this one where vertical space is utilized. A bed is positioned above storage space in a very nifty design!

8. Invisible

One of the modern trends at the moment is to go for closet doors that don't have knobs or handles. This creates a style that works in harmony with the general aesthetics of the home.

9. Use the walls too

This design is very practical and stylish. If you have lots of space, invest in decorative hangers throughout the walls!

10. Integrated

As we've mentioned before, you may have to put your closet in the living room. If so, paint the walls the same colour as the closet for a integrated look and feel.

11. Light and colour

A light in your wardrobe will always help you when you are looking for clothes! Some closets have the lights inside them but if you don't, place lighting around the wardrobe for functional design.

12. Functional

Moveable clothes hangers are very convenient – as we can see in this image! We can't thank the inventor enough.

13. Texture

Like the colour of the closet, the texture is also very important. Do you see what a beautiful element a closet can be if it features patterns like this one?

14. Maximize every angle

As we've mentioned before, you can use the space under roofs, in corners or behind beams to create a closet. Another option is to use the space underneath the stairs.

Have a look at these other inventive ways to use that wasted space under your stairs.

15. Elegant design

It is very important that your closet reflects your personal tastes. Let your personality shine!

16. Work with the slope

Don't worry if you have an asymmetrical roof or walls that aren't aligned. There is always a solution!

17. Curtain doors

If a door just isn't going to work for a closet, use a decorative curtain like these designers have done.

18. Accessories

Decorate your closet with various accessories to add aesthetic value to it. The most important accessory is the mirror!

19. Simplicity

Simplicity is always a good option, especially when it comes to a closet. In a room this image, we can see how a simple white closet works in harmony with white walls.

If you don't have a closet, have a look at these alternative clothes storage ideas for those without a closet.

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