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5 home renovations you could copy

Leigh Leigh
Fluido Design Studio
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Renovating an apartment or room is never easy. We usually have infinite amount of possibilities to choose from! We should, however, try to have a clear plan and a vision in mind so that architect and design professionals can help us to realize our dreams.

The first question we need to ask ourselves is: what do I really need? To answer that question, we should consider what the renovation is for. Is it for a child's bedroom, a larger living room or another bathroom? Everyone's needs differ so we need to focus on our own.

The second fundamental question is: Do I have enough space? Creating more space can be problematic, especially if the four walls of the apartment can't be moved. We need to explore all of the options!

Lastly, we need to ask the crucial question: What is my budget? It is probably no secret that the repairs can be quite expensive so before taking any steps, let's estimate how much you could possibly spend on a renovation project. This will help us to avoid any complications further down the line!

Once you answer these three questions, you can begin to design your new space. 

On homify today, we are going to show you five great renovation projects that will just might help you envision on your own project.

Are you ready to take a look?

1. Before: Major overhaul

This project involved the demolition of the walls, making it a very creative project for the interior designers. 

In this photograph, we can see the entrance to the property with the kitchen and living room in the background. The new project is clearly based on curves, shapes and the use of walls and ceilings.

The demolition of walls allows you to completely rethink and reorganize the interior space. 


Can you believe this gorgeous, modern and stylish living room and open plan home? The screed flooring and white walls work in harmony with the lighting in the home. 

The aim of the project was to create a home that looks expansive and spacious, which the designers have managed to achieve!

2. Before: Metamorphosis of 710 square feet

In this renovation project, the designers have taken into account the restrictions caused by the structure of the building, which is a small apartment.

This image shows how the space was organized before the renovation where the kitchen and living room featured a shared balcony with views of the city. Despite the shared balcony, the two zones were separated by a partition wall. 

From the entrance of the interior, there was a little practical corridor.

Everything in this home was very constricted and cramped.


The new spatial layout opens up the entire home, allowing the kitchen, dining room and living area to flow into one another. Don't you love the little kitchen bar, where guests and family members can sit and relax?

The plans

These spatial plans show us the changes in the design. The above plans show the home before the refurbishment while these plans show the metamorphosis.


These photographs depict a home that was falling to pieces. The abandoned home was located in a beautiful, green area and deserved a second chance however!

The new living room features large French windows, allowing for panoramic views of the surrounds. The interior design is beautifully integrated into the surrounding environment. Have you ever seen such a stunning landscape?

The use of large windows has another advantage: it allows large amounts of natural light to spill into the home, making it that much lighter and more comfortable. Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

The high ceilings and wooden floors make the house very cozy, with a very modern atmosphere.

4. Before and after

In this fourth project, we can very clearly see the difference between before the renovation and after the renovation.

What used to be a run down and narrow corridor has been transformed into a very functional and ample space.

Do you see what a big difference functional and impressive storage space makes, running along the entire wall?

This is very discreet and simple, creating an elegant overall look and feel.


If we poke our heads into the kitchen, we come across a very clean and bright design. The white cabinets and furniture work in harmony with the immaculate wooden floors.

A small window allows natural light to flood the space.

This is one of our favorite transformations!

5. Before: A sad 646 square feet space transformed into an oasis of comfort

Our last project concerns the renovation of a 646 square foot house, which is located in Turin Italy.

This run down and dilapidated space was completely transformed during the renovation, used as a short-term rental for visitors to the city. You won't believe how charming it becomes!

The designers have managed to preserve some of the historical features of the building, while introducing a very refreshing and industrial chic design.

The plans

To fully understand the project, we have to examine the plans! The bottom image shows the spatial layout of the apartment while the other image shows how the home is divided into three zones.

Do you see how much space is dedicated to the living area, while the remaining space has been allocated to the bedroom and bathroom?

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