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Go bold! 6 winning ways to use statement furniture

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Resist a comely living room and embrace what you really love by going bold with your furniture. When you come across that flea market find, we want you to be able to incorporate it into your home seamlessly. We’re going to show you 6 ways that you can blend statement furniture into your style. 

By following our guide, you’ll be on your way to getting the perfect pieces in your home. Statement furniture livens up any room and lets you radiate your individuality. Inspiration comes easy when you feel confident. Let’s go boldly forward and start our list!

1. Let it stand out

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Our first tip in our statement furniture guide is to make space for your pieces to shine. In this room, the blue chair and wallpaper blend together to create a cohesive look. This room is full of colour! For the graphic print rug to stand out, the other colours and shapes in the room had to be kept soft. 

Consider the piece you want to bring in and make sure that it will be able to juxtapose the rest of the look. Let it stand out and make a statement!

2. Mix it up

How do you keep a room well-rounded when you’re using statement furniture? You have to mix it up. Decide the theme or style of your statement piece. Once you have a theme, start mixing it up with new elements.

Check out this spectacular living room Tiki lamps and an Eastern-inspired chair bring new earthy textures and patterns to the room. This kind of mix makes brings depth and strength to your style.

3. Say it loud

We love the look of this living and dining space. All the elements are light, airy, elegant, and delicate. The red leather chair and footrest create a riot of colour in the neutral room. Don’t be afraid to say it loud and create an unforgettable look in your home. The trick with statement furniture is to have no reservations. Need help pulling off this confidence in your home? Get in touch with interior designers and decorators on homify to give you a hand.

4. Play with patterns

Patterns draw us in with their charm. If you choose a statement piece with a pattern on it, you might be tempted to keep the rest of the room muted in solid tones. Now you’ve stranded the lonely pattern out there on its own and restricted the rest of your room.

Instead, play with patterns. In this living room, a delicate print on the armchair pairs with bold graphic shapes on the sofa cushions. Be playful with scale and colour!

5. Stand back and take in the whole room

Unsure of how it’s all coming together? Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and consider what’s working in your design. Consider what elements of the room jump out to you. It’s easy to lose perspective when you’re decorating your space!

This room is nicely proportioned with its reiterating boxy shapes. The black accents balance out the white room. The warmth and red tones from the wood and the artwork compliment each other perfectly. Step back in your own home and see what the overall impression is. Let it guide you as you bring in your statement furniture.

6. Keep scale in mind

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Winnipeg beach weekend home

Unit 7 Architecture

Since we’re talking about balance, our last tip is to help you keep scale in mind in your design. Your furniture should be more or less evenly matched. An overstuffed leather armchair won’t pair well with a dainty glass coffee table. Combine pieces together of similar size. Keeping scale in mind will help you achieve balance in your home, both in your design and in your everyday life.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to going bold with statement furniture! The rooms we looked at all found incredible balance and style with their bold furniture. For more tips on furnishing your home, check out our feature on 7 playful ways to personalize your living room.

Go boldly!

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