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Are you someone who yearns for a cozy and stylish wooden house far away from the city, yet loaded with all urban comforts? Then House S in Germany is exactly what you need to see to get inspired. The home is located on a .25 hectare plot,  with a  living area of almost 2,600 square feet. Built with wood by the architects at K2 Architektur, this residence features a solid concrete core and is accompanied by a separate sauna house. An ornamental rock garden lies to the south of the house, while in the north you will find a simple but lush lawn. The home is surrounded by airy terraces and features many glass windows so that the inhabitants can connect with nature easily. Read on to learn more about this enticing property.

Wooden splendour

The impressive length of the house and the luxurious use of wood make for a very welcoming and stylish statement. The neatly paved driveway is flanked by greens on both sides and illuminated with the help of elegant lamps. If you look closely, you will see that simple sliding wooden shutters offer privacy to the interiors and cover the glazing whenever required. When left open, they allow the golden glow of the interior lights to shine through. But when closed, they make the house to appear as a monolithic block of wood!

Beautiful south garden

Done up with rocks and a serene water feature, this south garden is ornamental and charmingly rustic. It adds character to the home and enhances the countryside appeal of this place.

North garden and sauna house

Neatly trimmed and lush grass makes the north garden a lawn of sorts and more ideal for kids to play in. There are no sharp rocks here to injure them, unlike the ornamental garden in the south. The sauna house is like a smaller version of the main residence, but looks very quaint and promises warm pleasures. It was extended to store firewood for winter months as well. Observe how the number of windows on this side of the house is few, to avoid the chilly northern winds during winter.

Open and bright living

Bright white and light shades of wood make the living space cosy, trendy and inviting. The layout is open plan, merging the living with the modern dining seamlessly. A comfy grey sofa in the living space and stylish furniture in the dining take care of all needs with ease. A colourful painting adds life here, while the living space opens up to the mezzanine for an airy ambiance. Skylights in the roof of the mezzanine bring in more sunlight along with the glass windows on the ground floor.

Trendy kitchen

Simple yet stylish, the kitchen features glass windows which not only bring in sunlight but also offer beautiful views of the outdoors. Smooth cabinets and modern appliances make the culinary chores easy here.


This wood and white staircase is warm and elegant despite its simple, neat lines. It connects the ground floor with the mezzanine or attic and adds personality to the residence. Bright and colourful wall arts add spunk here.

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