12 fantastic home decor ideas for cozy bedrooms

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Projekt mieszkania o pow. 66 m2., 4ma projekt 4ma projekt Modern style bedroom
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Sometimes getting stuck with a small room isn’t always the worst thing. Smaller more narrow spaces don’t have to feel cramped and claustrophobic. There are many ways we can make smaller bedrooms feel more cozy. It may take a bit more thought, and you will have to take the layout into consideration and how the furniture will fit, as well as how everything will be organized and neatly tucked away. 

We hope after reading this article you will be inspired to make the best out of your small bedroom. Let’s dive in!

1. Balance and harmony

This bright blue window is a wonderful focal point for this room. Sometimes it's as easy as using what's already in the room in fun unique ways, in this case the turquoise hue does the room justice. The matching night tables, lighting and wall art bring a real symmetry to the space that feel harmonious and balanced.

2. Bold bedding

Here we see a real minimalist bedroom in every sense. The window allows you to skip on the bulky curtains. Also, I'm sure you know using white or neutral colours for the wall colour choice always makes a room feel more spacious. With that being said it also leaves you plenty of room to play around with bold patterns and colours like we see in this example with the bedding.

3. Built in shelving

Having built in shelving is very functional and works really well in small bedrooms where space is limited. You can get creative with the design and shape of the shelves if you like, or keep it simple. You know what they say, often times less is more.

4. Multi purpose headboard

It's always a great idea to have decor that serves multi purposes like we see in this example with the headboard. You don't always have to cram an additional night table in the room just to store your books on. Just go for a full length headboard and use it as a bookshelf for all your favourite reads.

5. Natural elements

Fresh flowers or a few small plants can be a nice simple touch to add to a room without making the space feel cluttered.

6. Space saving shelves

Open columns can be a perfect place to store books and ornaments if we make them into shelves. Keeping functionality in mind is always worth it, especially when it comes to taking advantage of space. You can even have drawers under the bed for additional storage space.

7. Mixing colours

It's easy to make a small room feel alive with the fun use of colour. All it takes is a little imagination to let your personality shine through. 

8. Drawers under the bed

дизайн студии в скандинавском стиле, sreda sreda Scandinavian style bedroom

In small bedrooms we have to make the best use of space possible. Here is a great example of just that with the drawers underneath the bed. Just doing this will save you lots of closet and shelving space.

9. Bursts of colour

Playful colours and textures bring a fun ambience to this tiny bedroom. Colourful pillows and a multi colour bedspread wake up the sleepy grey tones in this room.

10. A large mirror

The closet doors function as a huge mirror that helps to open up this room nicely. This makes the space feel much larger than it first appears. Another way to add functionality to a small bedroom.

11. A wall mural

It's all about putting our unique spin on things and making the space feel like us in every way, shape and form. A whimsical wall mural does just the trick in this case.

12. Complimentry colours

Here is another small room with a wall mural done in a classy black and white theme. The flooring compliments the mural well, and the pattern contrasts well with the rest of the room. We love the pop of colour in the yellow pillow. 

We hope you had fun going through these 12 decor ideas for small bedrooms.

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