You'll be fascinated by this futuristic solar-powered prefab house

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Büdenbender Hausbau GmbH Modern kitchen
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Ever wonder what homes will look like in the near future? Today we’re checking out a prefab concept home called “Valentino” that comes to us courtesy of the architects at Büdenbender. It's giving us a glimpse into the smartly designed homes we'll see in the years to come. Turns out that the future is looking very stylish.

We love how the modern architecture of this home takes energy efficiency into account. In fact, this house is energy positive, meaning that it will generate more power than the household will use. We hope that homes continue to adopt this strategy in the future. Prefab homes like these are ideal because they are cost effective and efficient to build.

Inside the 2,000 square foot home, there are catching interiors and a bright atmosphere. Clean lines and impressive architectural features make the home perfectly suited to modern life. Let’s start our tour so you can see what we’re talking about!

Inviting facade

This super futuristic home is not at all intimidating. The facade is quite inviting. Crisp, white, and flat, the exterior of the home is cheerfully bright. Blockish shapes create a covered outdoor terrace and large picture windows.

Solar roof

Here’s a view of the solar roof that keeps the home running. Skylights help brighten up the covered terrace while keeping the rain out. There’s also a rooftop terrace connected to the bedroom.


Grey and white tones dominate the look of this open concept main floor and kitchen. Reflective glass cabinetry is a fun glossy touch in the kitchen. The dining space is simple and ultramodern. A minimalist light fixture above the table keeps the room feeling airy.

Concrete island

From this view, we can see the black detailing on the door. This is a fun way to add a little more zest and personality to the clean design of the home. This concrete island in the middle of the kitchen brings a fresh texture to the sleek space.

Glassed in bathroom

In this daring bathroom, you’d probably want to pull down the blinds! The shower looks like it came from a Bond villain's house. It’s a bold and seductive design. Grey, glass, and white cover every surface in this sleek, glassed in bathroom.

Spa tub

Why is it that bathtubs are almost always sparkling white porcelain? This home has a fun retort to that question with this crazy tangerine coloured tub. You can really feel like you’re in a luxury spa as you soak in this colourful and sophisticated space!

Tropical flavoured bedroom

Bright tropical colours liven up this simple bedroom space. Clerestory windows up high give the room privacy while bringing in natural light. We love how the wood headboard brings a splash of natural texture to the modern home.

Outdoor living

We’re ending our look at this futuristic prefab home by hanging out on the covered outdoor terrace. Here's a space where you can indulge in some outdoor living and entertaining. We can imagine having quiet, relaxing dinners as the sun sets on summer nights out here! 

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What are your thoughts on futuristic design?

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