A unique three-room house for a lady with two spirited dogs

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Situated in Sprendlingen, Germany, this simple but elegant and bright 3-room house was built by the architects at Moeve Architekten BDA for a lady with two spirited dogs. The interiors are open plan and flow into each other, as per the wishes of the client, since her dogs are adept at opening doors anyway! Only natural materials were used to construct this home to ensure sustainability and eco-friendliness. The entire exterior is clad in untreated pinewood and the flat roof is a combination of stainless steel and gravel. Though the property takes up an area of 8,200 square feet, the house itself occupies only 600 sq. ft. A small garden accompanies the house, and many glass windows allow the inhabitants to connect with nature easily. Built with a budget of approximately $98,756, this simple yet attractive residence can be expanded or elevated in the future too, if the lady wishes.

One with nature

Despite its neat and modern structural lines, the house blends in with its lush green surroundings beautifully. The pinewood panelling all around the house ensures a warm, rustic feel and complements the verdant lawn, dense bushes and tall trees in the distance. Tall glass windows in neat white frames allow sunlight to flood the interiors.

Little details

A gravel bed dotted with some lush plants make for a pretty garden near the front facade. The entrance door is simple, white and contrasts the wooden walls nicely. If you look closely, you will also notice how the pinewood panelling runs horizontally in some places and vertically in others. This creates a very subtle visual depth of sorts.


The minimalistic look of the house is apparent from this side as well. But tall glass windows and doors allow the structure to open up to the outdoors and encourage the free flow of light. Also, the volumes have been positioned in such a way that all rooms can connect with each other visually. The paved grey patio is perfect for hosting picnics, or simply frolicking around with the dogs.

Simple but cosy bedroom

White and light-hued wood make the minimalistic bedroom very soothing and cosy. Large glass windows keep it sunny throughout the day, while the chequered bedspread and painting add colour and character to the space.

Bright dining

Sliding glass doors open up the dining space to the patio and lawn to ensure an open and cheerful feel. This way the area stays flooded with natural light and looks inviting. A round wooden table surrounded by stylish chairs cater to the needs of the client and her friends, while a dog bowl in the corner has been reserved for the canine inhabitants.

Cheerful corridor

The lavish use of white and presence of glass windows make the corridors in this residence bright and happy. Recessed lights on the ceiling and minimal decoration add to the open and airy feel as well.

Peep into the sanctuary

From here, you can catch a half glimpse of the living space. Inbuilt bookshelves and trendy furniture allow the inhabitants to relax, read or simply admire nature though the glazing. The colour palette here too is simple, calming and bright.

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