10 ways to give your home's facade a new look

Leigh Leigh
Hernandez Silva Arquitectos Modern houses
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There are so many varieties available when it comes to our facades. Dressing the walls is like a magic wand, creating style and charm while attracting people to the exterior look and feel of your home.

You can do anything with your facade from opting for white walls or leaving the building materials naked and raw. You can also cover it with elegant stones or use parasols and gates with rich woods or detailed design to create that finishing touch.

Today on homify, we have put together 10 types of facade cladding for inspiration. Some can be used together while others should stand alone. What is certain, however, is that all of them are very charming and will fascinate you!

Let's take a look!

1. Staggered wood

The texture of this wood is incredible!

The cladding is made of wooden slats that are joined together at an angle, creating a stepped surface. This makes for quite a third dimensional effect.

The play of shadows is quite fascinating while the colours and lines invite you to touch the walls. The materials create a warm and cool climate depending on the temperature outside. 

This is a home that is always welcoming.

2. Wood veneer in horizontal lines

This wooden cladding features horizontal lines of various cladding, bringing together dark, light and orange or pink tones, shapes and streaks.

This lining is made of very thin strips of wood, giving this home a refreshing and slightly rustic touch without losing the elegance or modernity.

3. Textured concrete

House of Respect and Happiness studio_GAON Houses

House of Respect and Happiness


While concrete may be a building material in itself, in this design by professionals studio GAON, we can see how a cement coating can create a gorgeous and striking appearance.

The important thing is decide on the appearance. It can be smooth and polished or divided into square or rectangular modules to give it a more industrial look and feel. It can also be textured and include grains of gravel.

Another option would be to contrast different textures, creating a beautiful look and feel.

4. Polished stone

The natural stone is beautiful in itself, but it can be used for the facade naturally or in the form of blocks or polished tiles. 

In this case, we can see how a stone coating creates a fantastic patterns, combining shades, shadows and textures.

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5. Dark and textured stone

An excellent contrast is to use stone polished blocks but with two very daring characteristics: texture and polished or dark and light tones. 

As we can see in this image, the result is a very sophisticated and modern design. It also works very well with steel structures and white finishes. 

This is very unique and complements the beauty of a front garden too!

6. Stones in various colours

The stone slab is a beautiful material that gives a very natural and elegant appearance to the facade, especially if used subtly but precisely. 

Here we can see how it's used for the center column of the facade, running up above the front door. 

For practical reasons, this stone facade is presented in small, modular blocks. This makes it easy to install. 

Do you see how all of the colours work in harmony with one another?

7. Dark wood

These slender horizontal slats of dark or reddish wood create a very contemporary and irresistible design.

The horizontal position creates the feeling of spaciousness while making the home seem longer. It also gives the feeling of warmth, even from a distance.

8. Enameled aluminum

This is a bold, eclectic and very beautiful design that makes use of aluminum. Aluminum is insulated, flexible and easy to handle. It works well for various shapes and loots beautiful too. It's also very durable.

9. Tile ceramics

Ceramic tiles have an endless variety of colours, styles and shapes. They can be square, hexagonal, rectangular, in plain colours, in mosaic, textured, polished or be used with other materials such as wood, concrete or even metal.

In this case, the ceramic tiles work in harmony with dark wood. The horizontal design looks very elgant, ultra-modern and chic.

10. Grey stone

This rustic material is characteristic of traditional Mexican architecture. It is a very resistant material that is strong in character, weight and warmth.

It can be found in grey tones like this design, but also comes in shades of pink or orange. It can also be modulated in small blocks or in larger chunks, adapting to your architecture. It also works very well with other types of stone or with painted walls, making for a very cozy and elegant design.

As part of the design of a facade, this material can be combined with another type of stone that is more rustic and dark, or with walls that are simply painted. It will always stand out and look cozy and elegant.

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Which facade would you choose for your home?

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