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Redesign your kitchen: 10 tantalizing ideas

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Furnishing the kitchen is one of the most complicated projects that can be undertaken for several reasons. 

Firstly, it can be very difficult to decide on the location of the furniture as well as where the household appliances should be based. Once you have the plug points, it can be difficult to move around the appliances later, especially the bigger appliances like the refrigerator. A washing machine with all of its pipes can also be a tricky one!

However, decorating the kitchen can be a very exciting process. Yet, you need to properly devote your time and energy to it without neglecting the smaller details. You want every feature to work together in harmony with one another.

This is why today on homify, we are going to go on a tour of 10 spectacular kitchens from some of the top professionals from around the world. These will inspire you and show you just how many options exist when it comes to decorating your cooking area. You can choose modern or classic, rustic or simple – whatever you like! 

No matter what you choose though, your home should be functional and feature strong personality!

Let's take a look…

1. Giant images

It's common knowledge that a kitchen is worth a thousand words. So why not dress the walls or your kitchen with images of your favorite things?

In this example, we can see how images of giant flowers create a beautiful and savvy space that is unique and eye-catching. The splashes of pink tones characterize the modern kitchen, bringing vibrancy to the space.

2. Rustic mosaics

If you are loyal to rustic style or prefer a little touch of the vintage, we propose this mosaic of colourful tiles with different patterns. You don't need to include them on every wall if you don't want to overwhelm the space, but here we can see how they create a stunning addition to the room above the kitchen cabinets. 

This composition fits very well with the rustic wooden furniture and wall coverings.

3. The elegance of geometry

As we've mentioned before, strong images can create a very warm and welcoming design in a kitchen.

In this example, we can see how a white wall has been coated with futuristic-looking hexagonal tiles that looks like honeycombs. This creates a beautiful design and a play on shapes and lines.

What's more is that this is a very simple design to add to the kitchen and will inspire you for years to come!

4. The original decor

This is another example of the traditional ceramic tiles, which bring colour and charm to a kitchen space.

This design is full of colours and shapes. It is also very unique and original, showing how your kitchen truly should be your own space. You can afford to have fun with your decor!

Tiles are also rather budget-friendly too.

5. On a minimalist note

Do prefer something a little more minimalist and sophisticated?

Take a look at this combination of shiny white tiles that truly enhance the environment, working in harmony with the white cupboards and counter tops. A splash of blue dazzles!

6. Natural stone

If you are looking for a completely new alternative to the traditional kitchen, why not opt for natural stone? It offers a universe of possibilities and gives great character and charm to the kitchen walls.

It also works beautifully for a room with rustic settings and works with modern furniture or industrial chic elements.

Have a look at these 15 stone walls perfect for your home (and easy to copy!)

7. Modern stone

This combination of rough stone and modern design shows how two different design concepts can come together perfectly. 

This is also a wonderful example of the decor solutions for your kitchen are endless. A stone wall can create a very unique space without drawing away from the contemporary look and feel.

8. The practical and imaginative design

Who said that the kitchen isn't the most ideal room to unleash some artistic design?

In this image, we can see exactly how possible this is!

The entire wall is covered in a black board design, allowing the residents to write down recipes or leave notes for loved ones. You could even use this to write down a shopping list!

This would be a great kitchen wall for families with little ones too.

Also have a look at this article: Beautiful Kitchens: 7 Ideas To Decorate The Walls.

9. The wooden kitchen

Another great option for the kitchen walls is to opt for wood. This is a classic material that never tires! It's also easy to install, budget-friendly and goes well with any design or style.

Remember that if you opt for wood, you need to go for waterproof wood that is non-flammable!

10. Touches of colour

Finally, if you don't have enough space available for decorating the walls of your kitchen, simply opt for a beautiful colour paint for the walls. 

Ensure that it works in harmony with the flooring and the rest of the home's design.

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