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Bright ideas: 10 naturally lit kitchens

Leigh Leigh
Designed By David Modern kitchen
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The perception and interpretation of space relates to the way that light enters and interacts with the environment. This directly impacts the atmosphere for the people who live in this space. In fact, the mood of residents can be completely dependent on this.

In the kitchen, in particular, it is natural to pay close attention to the lighting. We want the cooking area to feel as spacious and light as possible! 

This is why today on homify, we have put together 10 naturally lit kitchens. Each of these designs, from some of the top professionals from around the world, feature large windows that allow natural light to flow into the interior spaces. This creates a very unique and comfortable cooking area.

Let's check it out!

1. A light kitchen with cheerful and colourful tones

Light also adds to the joy of a kitchen area, especially when there are colours are involved.

The red colours in this kitchen are illuminated by the natural light, without overwhelming the space. The white walls and floors further reflect the light, creating a beautiful and homely space that is truly the heart and soul of the home.

2. Lighting for large spaces

E2 KITCHEN arQing Kitchen



Modern in style, this kitchen features natural light, which flows in through the large window. This makes for a very beautiful overall effect.

The stylish lamps that drop down from the ceiling illuminate the functional and stylish kitchen island.

The size of the space assists in creating a very striking room where black and white colours contrast with one another.

3. Neutral colours

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Harvey Jones Kitchens Modern kitchen
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Painted Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

A general rule is that light colours will create a light room.

In this design, we can see how pastel blue colours have been used in conjunction with light wooden floors and counter tops. This reflects the natural light that flows in through the windows.

This is a very smooth design with a slight country touch. 

4. Kitchen with large windows

This rustic style kitchen features natural lighting that flows in through the wide window, creating a beautiful connection to the natural landscape outside. 

Lamps have been placed in the ceiling, allowing this space to be filled with artificial light as well, without overwhelming the space.

The light works in harmony with the pale colours of the kitchen, creating a very light and bright space. It also emphasizes the size of this beautiful cooking area.

5. Doors with windows

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Harvey Jones Kitchens Kitchen
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

In order not to waste natural light, Harvey Jones Kitchens have built doors that lead directly out onto the garden. This allows the kitchen to flow out onto the exterior space. It also allows sunshine to flow into the kitchen.

Do you see how three drop down lamps have been installed above the kitchen island, providing the cooking area with light in the evening?

Lights, apart from being functional, can also add a stylish touch to the kitchen.

6. A minimalist kitchen

In this minimalist design, we can see how all excess has been taken away. Only the most functional items are on display.

The light was designed in a way that it doesn't conflict with any of the features. Everything has been stored neatly away so that the counters are sleek and bare.

The result is a room of ample space and natural light!

7. Spacious kitchen in all-white

The white design of this kitchen amplifies the space, which is illuminated by the large, high windows.

This pure white design creates a very bright space that is further enhanced by the grandeur of the stainless steel accessories. 

This is a truly futuristic design.

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8. Freedom in colours and lighting

The architectural design of this home is simply flawless, with windows and doors allowing natural light to flow into the kitchen. This is further enhanced by the splashes of vibrant colours used throughout, including purple and orange.

The metal accessories are the finishing touch in this light and bright space.

9. It's all about the sunshine

This vintage style kitchen receives natural light, with sunshine flowing in through the beautiful and vast windows. The white walls further enhance this, while the beige tones create a very warm and cheerful environment.

The wooden floors are the cherry on top!

10. Symmetrical for perfect harmony

Tillingham | A Classic Family Kitchen Davonport Kitchen White

Tillingham | A Classic Family Kitchen


In this kitchen, the kitchen island is the focal point. It also shines in the natural light that flows in through the windows. The lacquered wood in white and the black counter tops bring symmetry and style to the space.

Behind the kitchen island, we come across a wall lined in strong, beige tones. 

The entire design is enhanced by the natural light!

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