This perfect prefab home produces more energy than it needs

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FischerHaus GmbH & Co. KG Nursery/kid’s room
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Today, we are going to explore a beautiful family home designed in a Scandinavian style, built by professionals FISCHERHAUS GMBH & CO. KG.

This prefabricated, solar-powered home is simple yet sophisticated from the outside, while its interior features all sorts of colours, personality and charm. You'll love the under-stated creativity featured in every single room.

What's most special about this 1,600 square foot house, however, is its ability to generate all the energy it consumes. Called La Rocca, this house is also able to store energy for days when the sun isn't shining.  The key is the combination of components, ,’ says Fischerhaus managing director Barbara Fuchs. Besides batteries, the house has a correspondingly dense building envelope, a heat pump, efficient photovoltaics panels and a control system that optimally regulates this complex system at all times.

Fischerhaus bills La Rocca as a true declaration of independence from electricity prices. 

Let's take a look…

Simple and sleek prefab design

From the outside, we can see how beautiful, simple and sleek it is with its white walls, wooden finishes and glass windows and doors. 

Scandinavianstyle is characterized by clean lines and a minimalist facade. Wooden shutters and finishes soften the stark white and grey tones, adding a sense of warmth and charm. The front garden also enhances the practical yet aesthetically-appealing exterior design.

Not your average prefabricated house, Fischerhaus notes La Rocca breaks with traditional by being radically tailor-made. Prefabrication of the house takes place on the building site, thus ensuring speedy construction. 

A warm and welcoming entrance

The entrance to the home is simply delightful. A large wooden door leads guests, family and friends onto a big and bold welcome mat. On the wall on the left, there is a wooden detailed element, with a heart shape design. This brings a charming and slightly rustic touch to the entrance, while setting the tone for the beauty and creativity that awaits in the rest of the house.

Do you see how the simple pale grey floors and white walls create a beautiful interior setting? You don't have to have too many items, colours or details to make a first impression that packs a punch.

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Simple storage solutions

One way to achieve a slightly minimalist, neat and simple home is to opt for plenty of storage space.

In this area of the home, we can see how a cabinet allows glasses to be stored neatly away, however the glass doors of the cabinet still allow them to remain on display.

The home is also features plenty of shelves, making the most of vertical space.

Tip: Add a vase of flowers to any room in the house for a refreshing touch.

The savvy kitchen

The kitchen is one of our favorite rooms in the house, with its white tones and wooden finishes.

The focal point is the kitchen island in the middle of the room, which features a stove as well as an extra surface area for cooking and preparing food. A functional extractor fan above it adds a stylish twist to the space with its sleek silver elements. 

White is a great dominant colour for the kitchen because it creates a very clean and refreshing environment.

Open plan living

From this angle, we can see how the designers have gone for an open plan home, where all of the rooms flow into one another. This makes for a very social and engaging space and it makes the home seem that much bigger.

You'll notice that while there is a predominantly neutral colour pattern, the living room features a patterned rug as well as some powder blue armchairs. These introduce a little bit of charm to the interior space. 

Natural light also plays a huge role throughout, with sunshine streaming in through the large glass windows and doors.

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All white is all right

The master suite and bathroom are simply flawless with an all white design that makes for a very tranquil and peaceful environment. 

Pot plants and little vases of flowers introduce some subtle touches of colour, but otherwise everything else is pure and clean. The cushions on the bed are the only other element that introduces tones that aren't white. 

Do you see what a visual impact this makes?

The play room

This space is also predominantly white, but the furniture in it introduces some colour to the space. This is clearly a kid's area and the designers have allowed themselves to have a little bit of fun!

The walls and ceiling feature purple butterfly wall art, which creates a very unique and playful environment. What's great about vinyl stickers is that they can be peeled off when the residents grow tired of this design or style. 

A rug adds a little cozy touch to this space, while the sunshine that streams in through the large glass windows bounces off the white walls to create a very bright and homely environment.

A touch of blue

We end our tour in this bedroom, where we can see how linen and drawers have been used to bring splashes of blue to the interior design of this space. Blue is a great colour for a bedroom, as it evokes feelings of serenity and calm.

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This room also makes the most of storage space including under the bed and on the walls. This makes for a very neat, organized and savvy space.

FischerHaus rightly calls La Rocca is a milestone for the industry. 

A house where a conventional power connection is only needed as backup. Where fossil fuels are no longer fired. Where you can really say bye to electricity bills without any drawbacks in design and functionality.

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What have you learnt from exploring this home?

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