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7 Vastu tips to invite good fortune to your home

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Vastu shastra is the science of arranging home decor in a way that it invites prosperity and good luck. In fact, Vastu is such an an ancient practice that it has gained popularity even in foreign countries. 

If you too are looking for Vastu tips to invite good fortune into your home, then here are 7 of them:

1. Keep a plant in the entrance corridor

If you have a corridor or a walkway near your main entrance then keeping a potted plant there is highly recommended. Plants are known to be auspicious as per Vastu and keeping them right next to the entrance will make it every more effective.

For more Vastu tips check out this ideabook.

2. Northeast for place of worship

If you have a small temple or pooja room in your house than it should always be located in the north-east side. This direction is the most auspicious for placing gods and conducting prayers. Also one should try facing the east while they pray as it brings good luck.

3. Keep the clutter away

Another thing that Vastu suggests is keeping your house clean. Clutter of any sort should always be thrown out in order to increase the positivity of the place and bring in peace and good fortune.

4. Fish aquariums

One of the simplest Vastu rules that you can apply to bring in good fortune in your house is adding a fish aquarium. We all understand how animals bring in positivity into our lives but with sea creatures like fishes you can expect to invite good fortune as well.

5. Open bedroom windows everyday

Out of all the Vastu tips, here is the easiest one – keep your bedroom window open for at least 20 minutes. By doing this, fresh air and sunlight enters the room, which invites luck and prosperity into your home.

6. Clocks should show the right time

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We all have clocks in our homes but just keeping them is not enough, you have to ensure they always show the right time. By right order we mean that all the clocks should showcase the correct time as it is good for your luck.

7. Front door shouldn’t be blocked

One of the major rules of Vastu suggests that the front door of the house should never be blocked. Nothing should be placed directly in front of the front door as it is considered a hindrance to the positive vibes that flow into your house.

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