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In the future, all of our homes will be smart homes that adapt to our needs with voice commands and remotes. It sounds exciting, but won’t it be an eyesore? Instead of an overly gadgety future, we’re looking at a home with covert smart technology that doesn’t sacrifice style for utility.

The experts at Futurian Systems created a home with stealthy technology built right into the design so that it’s seamlessly attuned. They did an expansive remodel of the home to include major technological upgrades.

The most stunning aspect of the home is how the technology is completely hidden, allowing the design of the home to shine. We’ll see a modern take on a chalet style that creates a cozy and elegant home. Bright and spacious interiors abound thanks to the gabled roof design. Views of the surrounding snowy mountains are breathtaking.

Stone and glass

The look of the home is a radically modern take on a classic chalet. Multiple gabled roof sections have extra glazing to create bright and open interiors. The facade of the home is almost entirely made of stone and glass. Each section of the home has a terrace that’s covered by the overhanging roof. The dry stack stone design brings a traditional and rustic style that contrasts with the home's futuristic core.

Living room

A clean white and grey palette leads the design in this living room. This space feels like an elegant and cozy spot to watch a movie with the family. The ceiling is high and the windows covering two levels of the home show off the mountain view outside. There’s a long and elegant fireplace below the massive television. This smart home is multi-room video equipped so that streaming and watching video is flexible and easy to use.


One of many in the home, this bathroom is remarkable because of the extensive stone tiling. The wash of natural textures creates an intimate and soft design. Ultra narrow clerestory windows bring light into the space. Don’t underestimate how charming and leisurely it is to take a shower with natural light. You might want to tack on an extra 5 minutes to your morning routine!

Dreamy bedroom

This luxurious bedroom has its own terrace so it feels closely connected to the outdoors. Motorized window treatments mean that you can close the curtains while you’re under the covers. The curtains look like gingham and give the room a touch of country style. The high ceilings allow for plenty of fresh air to circulate in the room so that you can drift off quickly and wake up feeling refreshed.

Opulent bathroom

This bathroom is an opulent space to take a bath and relax. A stand alone tub pairs with elegant furnishing to create a five-star hotel quality bathroom. The floor-to-ceiling window adds drama and gives you a great view while you’re soaking in the tub. Part of the smart home technology includes multi-room music. Wireless speakers can provide each room with streaming music seamlessly. You can play different songs in different rooms. Put on relaxing tunes while you have a bath and someone else can to a podcast in another room!

Dining room and kitchen

These two connected spaces create a snug place for creating and enjoying meals together. This formal dining room carries on with the white and grey pallet that we’ve seen throughout the home. Smart home controls allow you to control the lighting scheme so you can easily brighten and dim different parts of the home.

Spacious and chic

The kitchen has plenty of storage and counter space. We love the breakfast bar as a casual alternative to setting the dining room table. The white and grey space is warmed up by natural wood floors and Edison bulb light fixtures. Adjacent to the kitchen we find a small family room where you could catch up on a show while you’re cooking.

Grand Finale

We’re ending our tour by taking a look at this entertainment space on the roof. Jump into this hot tub surrounded by picturesque mountains and you’re on your way to a relaxing vacation. Having a luxury like this in your home will actually help you save money by cutting down on your vacation expenses! Why would you need to visit a resort when you have this in your home?

We hope you enjoyed our tour of a covertly tricked out smart home! It's really the all-grey palette and modern chalet style that captivates.

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What smart tech features do you want to try in your home?

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