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A 1950s house renovated into a dream home

Leigh Leigh
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Designed by architect professionals Pride Road, the project that we are going to explore today is all about bringing a dated detached home into the 21st century.

The needs of the clients played a role throughout this renovation, where the designers have explained that they managed to double the size of the property and leave the residents incredibly satisfied with their new dream home. You'd never know that this home was built in the 1950s!

The architects extended the rear of the house and also utilized the attic, creating an en-suite master bedroom with a dressing room in a very lavish style.

In the downstairs area of the home, we will explore an open plan kitchen that opens up into the beautiful and spacious garden.

The client and homeowner said: “We’ve not been an easy client, Lisa has always accommodated this and offered practical and acceptable solutions, which sometimes meant working under pressure and time constraints. She has been very conscious the accommodation will remain our home and very attentive to ensure our lifestyle needs are met. We are delighted with the designs Lisa has produced, her approach to her work, her attention to detail and her enthusiasm in ensuring that our dream home will be created.’ 

Today, we will find out just delightful these designs truly are!

Traditional meets modern

In this image, we can see traces of the original 1950s architecture, but the home is incredibly modern and appealing. The architects have worked with the beauty of the original structure but have updated it.

The home is grand in size with a gray roof, pale facade and plenty of windows and doors that allow for a beautiful connection between the interior and exterior spaces. 

Natural light also plays a big role, with windows, doors and skylights ensuring that sunshine streams into the home throughout the day.

The little details throughout the exterior design, including the charming bench and wooden door frames, add to the appeal.

A connection between interior and exterior spaces

In this image, we can see how the glass doors fold back, allowing the open plan living area to spill out onto the spacious terrace. This opens the home up and makes the living area feel that much bigger.

From this angle, we can see how the designers have gone for a simple, neutral colour palette throughout. The white floors and walls and wooden furniture create a subtle yet homely look and feel.

We can also see how little touches here and there prove just how much attention the designers have payed to detail. A fresh vase of yellow flowers, for example, adds a dash of colour that charms and delights.

The trendy fireplace

In simple and modern homes, it's always a great idea to try and merge functionality and style. In the living room, we come across the perfect example!

The designers have placed a gorgeous fire place in the corner, which brings charm and personality to the space. It is also functional, creating a very warm environment in winter.

The wicker basket with the wood also enhances the aesthetic appeal in this little corner, while ensuring that the wood is easily accessible.

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The classic staircase

The staircase in this home is simply gorgeous with its white and wood banister and grey carpeted stairs. 

A staircase shouldn't just be a functional feature in your home, it should enhance the design of the home in general. This example is very subtle, but very classic. The carpets also make walking up and down the stairs very comfortable.

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The lavish bedroom

We told you that the bedroom was lavish!

With its grey tones, white finishes and beautiful glass chandelier, it seems like we have stepped into a royal bedroom.

The designers have really played with the natural light in this space, ensuring that it flows in through the large glass windows and doors. The bedroom also opens up onto a little balcony space, which connects it to the outdoors. 

Do you see how a neutral colour palette makes for a very sophisticated and elegant bedroom design?

The stunning tub

Before we leave this house, we have to pop our heads into the bathroom where this is a gorgeous and modern tub. A bathroom is a space in the house where we spend so much time so it should be modern, stylish, comfortable and peaceful.

A tub like this is a great addition to a bathroom, creating a Victorian-era sense of luxury and calm.

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This is a renovation that shows how much can be achieved if the designer and the resident work together. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous home?

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