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An award-winning brick house with unique decor

Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to explore a gorgeous brick home with an interior design that you'll fall in love with!

Designed by professionals Residence Interior Design LTD, this home is as charming as it is functional. As we explore it room by room, we will pick up some tips and tricks for our own homes. We will learn how to infuse every single room with energy and personality with the most practical of elements.

You will also see how gorgeous this type of architecture is, where the designers have played with clean lines and a classic brick design. The large windows throughout the facade allow sunlight to flow into the home, creating a very light and bright look and feel. 

This home is so impressive, it was even featured in an eight-page spread in Grand Designs Magazine!

Shall we take a look?

The modern design

Located in Cambridgeshire, this is a very unique home with a modern design.The sloped roof merges two unique sections of the home, while the large, rectangle windows create quite a striking look and feel. Do you see how already there is balance between functionality and style?

The designers opted for a subtle facade with bricks in a pale grey tone. This is very simple and elegant.

The front garden has been designed to enhance the exterior space, creating a beautiful and natural first impression. 

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Quirky touches

If we head into the home, we come across a very unique and sophisticated interior design.

The dining room features a neutral colour palette with light wooden floors, white walls and wooden finishes.

This is a wonderful example of how functional items have been used to introduce style and trend. The lamp that hangs over the dining room table is a quirky turquoise colour, adding a splash of vibrancy to the room. 

The wooden cabinets, which are functional in that they allow cutlery and crockery to be stored neatly out of sight, add a stylish twist and a sense of warmth to the room. These items are also easily accessible, making laying the table a dream!

Open plan delight

From this angle, we can see how the designers have gone for an open plan design. The dining room and living room flows into one another, creating a social and interactive space.

The large glass windows allow sunshine to flow into the interior space, creating a very light and bright design. The neutral colour palette enhances the light that streams in through the home. 

The cushions on the sofa add vibrancy to the space while the artwork on the walls are very detailed and impressive. Do you see how subtle and simple can go a long way?

A charming bookcase

The living area is homely and warm thanks to the carefully selected accessories and decor items throughout. 

The wooden shelves, cabinets and drawers are very warm and homely while the accessories placed on them give us a sense of who the people are who live in this home. 

In the study, there is a fabulous bookshelf, where books, photo frames and other items are on display. These bring colour and charm to the home. 

Tip: Use carefully selected pieces of artwork for the walls of your home to decorate them with who you are!

Functional bliss

The wooden spiral staircase, which leads up to the second floor, is incredibly beautiful. The wooden stairs and curved banister seem to be hand-crafted. 

This is another great example of how functionality and charm can work together in harmony. A spiral staircase is also wonderful in that it takes up minimal space.

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A splash of colour

In the more private areas upstairs, we come across a very savvy bedroom.

The pale sandy beige carpets create a very cozy space, working with the light walls. 

The artwork on the walls and the bright orange desk chair enhances this space with a splash of colour. 

The designers have also played with the space perception, coating one half of the cupboard with a mirror. This makes the room seem that much bigger than it really is!

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The light bathroom

This is another great example of how a mirror has been used to create a very attractive environment. The mirror allows for the residents to look at themselves while they apply their make-up or brush or their teeth, but it also makes the bathroom area seem that much more spacious.

The little lights used throughout this space also create a balance between functionality and style. They create a wonderful sense of tranquility and calm, while creating a very light bathroom space.

Tip: Opt for neutral colours in your bathroom for a serene environment.

A closer look

From this angle, we can see how neutral tiles in different shades of brown have been used in the shower area. This is very savvy, warm and appealing.

The other advantage of tiles is that they are budget-friendly and easy to install. Have a look at these brilliant, beautiful bathroom trends for inspiration for your own home.

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