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A family trip to the beach is for many the most pleasurable holiday experience in the summer months. Better yet, owning a beach home is the ultimate long term goal. Today at homify, we have the pleasure to have an exclusive look inside the Salcombe Pavilion set in the charming seaside town of Salcombe in England's south west. Known for its outstanding natural beauty including sandy beaches, rolling hillsides, hedged farmland, and its historic town centre – Salcombe is a popular destination for a seaside retreat. 

Designed by Richard Pain Architect's, the Salcombe Pavilion is a magnificent example of a contemporary beach house design in an area of historical significance and natural beauty. Keep reading to see how the architects pulled it off. 

Life on the coast

In the distance we can make out the unique design of the Salcombe Pavilion. Admire how the form of the house embraces the beauty of the landscape and becomes a natural addition on the hillside. The positioning of the home was perfect to capture the dramatic panoramic views of the seaside, but it did pose certain design limitations and concerns. Being along the hillside, the home would be subject to strong coastal winds and was at risk of severe land erosion. These risks prompted the architects to include additional structural supports and to select weather resistant materials and finishes. 


Taking a closer look at the exterior, the home's edgy contemporary design becomes more apparent. Large expanses of glass, and a dominant white colour scheme gives the home a minimalist inspired look. Despite the homes unique look, the home somehow maintains a strong connection with the landscape and doesn't feel out of place. We especially love the way the home projects outward over the slope.

Panoramic coastal views

From this perspective, we can see why the home owners had chosen their homes location, just look at that views on offer! We can also see subtle clues of the design of the internal spaces. A specific request from the clients to the architect was for a the interior of the home to be as open and fluid as possible, but at the same time the home had to be warm and inviting. So did the Richard Pain Architect's pull it off? 

Dining with a view

At last we get to look inside, and boy was it worth the wait! The dining room has uninterrupted panoramic views of the seaside thanks to the choice of floor to ceiling glass. Windows are framed by a soft-look timber which brings a sense of internalised nature to the house. Overall the internal spaces are furnished and finished in a simple way to achieve a clean, minimalist feel. 

Private quarters

Let's end our tour of Salcombe Pavilion with a glimpse within one of the home's more intimate spaces. As expected the master bedroom continues the minimalist colour palette but there is a tangible warmth and cosiness to the space. A dark shaded fur-like throw blanket covers the bed which contrasts nicely against the light tones of the timber and white colour scheme. 

Minimalism has become a prominent architectural style in recent times due to its growing acceptance and appreciation. Click here to look at an inspiring minimalist beach house located along the Spanish coastline. 

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