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Small kitchens, 12 things you need to make yours fabulous!

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As the most used room in the house, it's important that the kitchen is a practical and functional space. Too cramped and it will end up cluttered and messy, too dark and it will end up covered in grime and stains, but sometimes the most important consideration is how to get it looking fabulous! That's why today we're taking a look at some of the most stylish and beautiful small kitchens here on homify, along with some simple tips to help you make yours look just as good!

Small kitchens are becoming the norm, and kitchen designers are having to find new and innovative ways to make them convenient and easy to use despite the limited space. Luckily for us this challenge has led to some of the most interesting kitchen plans we've ever seen, and when you finish it off with some stunning decorating you won't spend another minute worrying about size!

1. Minimalist cabinets

With only a tiny corner available the designers of this kitchen had a real challenge on their hands, and yet somehow they managed to create a gorgeous and functional kitchen. This is mostly due to the wall to ceiling cabinets and shelves, all styled in minimalist black to match the furniture in the rest of the home, such as the television cabinet. You can never have enough storage in the kitchen, because as soon as the cupboards fill supplies start to spill over onto the counter taking up precious preparation space.

2. Textured walls

This space is defined by the interplay of textures on the walls and in the furniture, creating a dynamic decor of depth and movement. On the right we see tiles and a false wall with a circular relief, while the kitchen cabinets are made from rich timber, with the natural woodgrain adding more character to the decor. Simply considering the materials you use for the walls can have a huge impact on a space.

3. Keep it simple

While it may be tempting to throw a tablecloth over this dining room table, you are far better off allowing the natural colour of the wood to contribute to the colour palette. Give any wooden surfaces a good varnish to help them stand out and protect the timber, and as long as you are reasonably vigilant about cleaning up spills you'll be able to keep it in good condition for years.

4. Coordinating accessories

One good way to really tie a kitchen together is to match accessories to the colour palette of the kitchen. Here we have a light purple backsplash reflecting off the high sheen surfaces of the room, and it is beautifully complemented by that tea towel; a little touch that makes a huge difference!

5. Blackboard walls

Blackboard walls are super easy to achieve, you can buy blackboard paint at any home supplies store, and they are perfect for the kitchen. Whether you're writing shopping lists, recipes, or drawing fantastic murals to show off your artistic side, blackboard walls are always a great addition to any home.

6. Geometric tiles

Backsplashes can function a lot like a feature wall from a design perspective, allowing you to introduce vibrant colours, or busy patterns in small bursts that would otherwise overwhelm a room. Geometric patterns are a fun way to go; they bring energy to the decor, and can be found in any colour to match your palette.

7. Stylish timber veneer

Nothing says style quite like a timber veneer, and using it for a backsplash is a really interesting approach that as we see here looks stunning.

8. From rustic to trendy

If you have brick details in your house you can either retain them for a rustic look, or paint them for a more trendy and modern decor that will look just like a hip cafe!

9. Hanging bar lamps

One of the easiest changes you can make to your kitchen is the lighting. Different lighting options will dramatically change the look of the room, and hanging bar lamps are a great way to give your dining area an intimate atmosphere, whether it be a table or a breakfast bar like they have here.

10. Framed pictures

It's rare that you see a kitchen decorated with artwork, but it helps create a fun and lively environment. Whether you opt for prints of your favourite artwork or gig posters, it's all about reflecting your own tastes, and putting a personal stamp on the decor.

11. Painting furniture

If you want your furniture to make an impact on the decor, you don't have to rush out and buy all new pieces, instead you can just paint the furniture you have. These vivid red stools change our perception of the decor entirely as the only burst of colour aside from the floor mat.

12. Colourful tiles

Lastly we return to the backsplash, as it is generally the focal point of every kitchen, as proven by these wonderful, colourful tiles. Tiles can be bought in any pattern or style, but an eccentric mix of vibrant colours and charming patterns will make your kitchen a quaint and homely space.

All it takes is a few small adjustments and you can have the kitchen of your dreams! For more inspiration and handy tips on ways to approach a small kitchen, head over here.

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