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When you get a craving for fresh, clean air and peace and quiet, why not head to the country? Today, we’re escaping into the mountains and the countryside to get away from the grime and grind of the city. No more screaming sirens and noisy neighbours for us! Want to come with? 

The homes on our list blend aspects of modern design with rustic and traditional features. De-stress and connect with nature at these rustic cottages and modern country homes.

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1. A home by the forest

Lucky 4 Ranch Uptic Studios Rustic style house
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

This classic wood home is surrounded by a forested hill and connects with its rustic roots. A home like this rejects urban life entirely. The designers at Uptic Studios created this place where you can feel at home in nature. 

Thick, natural wood planks clad the exterior of the home. It’s a warm and inviting place to pretend you’re living a frontier lifestyle. A home like this is a welcome respite from the monolith of concrete and glass of a modern city.

2. Two-storey garden

This two-storey home creates a bold impression. The architects at Canexel created a modern home informed by tradition. The roof is classic but the boxy shape of the home is modern and fresh.

Exciting landscaping and a covered terrace create the perfect summer outdoor entertainment space. In the summer, city life is hot and dirty. It seems impossible to escape to get little breathing room. This country home is the perfect remedy!

3. Wood and concrete

The builders at Woodsun helped realize this incredible gem of a home. A warm, natural wood plank exterior mixes with the painted white concrete on the facade. This home is a little smaller than the first two on our list, but it’s ideal for those urbanites used to small square footage! The benefits of a country home with the smallness and coziness of city life.

4. Retro log cabin

Using slim trunks of wood, this retro log cabin sets itself apart with its own look. The decadent roof creates a layered look like a castle. Multiple patio spaces let you look out on the rural setting and relax in the silence you find only in the countryside.

Designed by Svetlana Panarin Studio, this home’s stone foundation gives it a profound rustic charm. Lush green grass in the surrounding gardens extends into the home through the bay windows. This is a charming retro log cabin that will help you make the most of your days in the countryside.

5. Amidst the mountains

Imagine living in a cozy Hobbit home like this! Idyllic and rural don’t begin to describe the experience. The architects at Simorgh House created a home with a unique curved roof to create a snug home unlike anything else we’ve seen. The rounded roof gives the home it’s signature character. You’ll want to dust off your garden shears and get a book about gardening because there’s so much opportunity to develop a green thumb on this property.

6. Small wonders

A gabled thatch roof and an entirely glazed wall create a fairytale home worthy of a magazine cover. The architects at Busch & Partners created this home out of natural materials to blend in with the woodland setting. This small home is simply wonderful. You’ll find nothing like this downtown!

7. Highly modern

Most of us want to leave the city for some peace but have grown accustomed to the style and comfort that it offers. It’s a shock to move from a concrete apartment to a wooden house. Why not try out this highly modern home designed by the architects at Hernan Arriagada? It’s a comfortable transition from city to country life.

8. Black beauty

The architects at Ujihara Motomu created this ebony addition to our country homes list. We wanted to show off a different side of the countryside. This all-wood home is replete with windows and has an angled roof to create unique spaces inside. Enjoy the countryside in style with this sophisticated rural home. 

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