Three one-storey homes with plans

Leigh Leigh
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Choosing the right house is a big challenge in that it requires adequate preparation, because we have to take into account some really important factors such as the appearance of the property as well as other factors, including the size and functionality.

Every element needs to suit the needs of our family. You need to consider if you will have a one-storey home or a two-storey home as well as how many bedrooms you need. You also need to decide how big you want every room to be. 

For small families, the majority of us decide on a one-storey house as they are cheaper and easier to build. This doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality, style, functionality or design.

To prove it to you, we've put together three stylish one-storey mansions designed by architects  in Thailand for you to explore. You will see just how functional these homes are.

1. Modern bungalow

The first single-storey home that we explore is a modern, stylish and extremely elegant design that impresses at first sight.

The facade is a very unique and chic combination of a hard structural element, concrete, and a softer cladding of wood.

The colours match each other perfectly, while working in harmony with the surrounding environment. 

1. The house plan

The total area of the home is more than 1378 square feet and features three large bedrooms, a living space with a kitchen, dining area and two bathrooms.

The plan is incredibly detailed, ensuring that the family has more than enough space and that each room is catered to their individual needs. Do you see how the private spaces are closed off while the living areas are open plan, flowing into one another?

This is an excellent home that is as beautiful as it is functional.

2. Traditional house

Prefabricated homes are becoming more and more popular in recent times. The advantage of these designs is that they can be very budget-friendly but they can also be built very quickly. You can have your dream family home in a matter of months!

The cost of this type of house depends on the size of the property as well as the materials chosen for construction. The houses are created in a factory and after three to four weeks, are transported to the construction site. The parts are assembled on site.

Thus in a matter of weeks, a dream house can be created. There is no stress about construction, yet traditional materials can still be used, creating a classic and charming look and feel.

Aren't you impressed with how traditional this home is looks, even though it's a prefab?

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2. The house plan

The traditional house has three private zones where the architects have separated the bedrooms. Yet the property is incredibly spacious, with a living room, dining room and kitchen that work in harmony with one another.

The home is 667 square feet in size – the perfect amount of space for a small family. An additional advantage is that the house spills out onto a terrace, which is located at the entrance of the home.

With all this space, the family can enjoy both the interior and exterior spaces.

3. Modern design

The last home that we will explore is a contemporary design with a neutral facade and subtle, natural tones. The roof, on the other hand, brings a daring blue splash of colour to the look and feel of the home. The blue really catches the eye!

The house, thanks to the detail, looks very attractive and original with classic and timeless touches.

3. House plan

This house is 2088 square feet, made up of three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a spacious living area.

This home is designed for a large family with plenty of functional spaces for all to enjoy. 

Do you see how detailed this home is, ensuring that each room is simply perfect for every member of the family?

You can also see how this sophisticated garden works in harmony with the architecture.

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Which is your favorite house out of the three?

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