12 ingredients for a perfect house

Leigh Leigh
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Everyone has a dream house that they've thought about or imagined, meaning that the perfect house is probably different for everyone.

However, there are of course beautiful buildings that almost no one can resist!

This is why today on homify, we are going to look at differently styled houses, which were decorated with splendor and care by some of the top professionals from around the world, and see just what it is that makes the perfect house.

We hope that the below will inspire you when it comes to creating your own perfect dream house!

1. Luxurious and environmentally-friendly

Our first example is simply gorgeous! Have you ever seen such a magnificent house?

It features a huge garden, a spacious terrace and a large swimming pool.

The house is a wonderful balance between luxury and comfort, but what's more is that it is also environmentally-friendly thanks to the solar panels in the roof.

2. A kitchen and dining room in the same space

Inside the home, we come across a kitchen and dining room that work in harmony with one another. A shelf and modern fireplace subtly demarcates each area, without affecting the flow. 

This is a very contemporary design thanks to the light wood, grey and white combination and reminds us that a dream home is a social and interactive one!

3. Unique and functional

This second example is very interesting!

The building features its very own style with a unique terrace, large windows and a sloping roof. The swimming pool seems to engulf the building in a striking look and feel.

4. Elegance and sophistication

Designed for office use, this building is very flashy! 

In the board room and meeting space, we come across a table that seats 28 people and is finished in a dazzling white.

This contrasts beautifully with the black sofas and black blinds on the windows.

5. Attractive villa

Here we come across a modern villa with country-style charm. This is a building that is ideal for families with children.

Thanks to the large windows, the residents enjoy plenty of sunshine. They can also make use of the pool in hot weather.

6. A touch of health

If we head inside the villa, the first thing that we notice is the very impressive ceiling. 

What is surprising about this modern home is that it features its own gym! This means the family can look after their health no matter what time of the year.

7. Sheer luxury

This example is perhaps one of the most glorious houses that you will ever seen. It looks like a palace and catches the eye right form the get go.

In addition to the gigantic pool, there are also sculptures at the door and a magnificent white facade.

8. Wouldn't you want to live in it?

When we get inside the villa, it literally takes our breath away! The interior is just as luxurious and welcoming as the exterior.

Look at the attention to detail and the beautiful, high ceilings. The stairs are located on either side of the entrance hall while the patterned floor, beautiful chandeliers and double mirrors brings a very lavish touch to the space.

9. A fairytale home

This house resembles a home we would find in a fairytale storybook. The dark colour of the roof contrasts with the pale facade while the beautiful garden enhances the entire exterior space.

Have a look at these tips for making a big impression with a small front garden.

10. Classic and lavish

While the house looks cute and simple from the outside, inside it is luxurious and elegant.

In the master bedroom, we can see just how magnificent the classic style is. There are gold lamps that drop down from the ceiling, while the furniture, linen and curtains are finished in a royal blue colour.

Even the vase of flowers is lavish!

11. Heavenly

This three-storey luxury house, built on a large and lush property, is simply breathtaking. 

With a swimming pool and rolling lawns, this home is like paradise!

12. Noble and elegant

In this image, we come across a dining area that is very traditional and simple. The wooden dining room table and gold picture frame on the wall create an understated sense of style. 

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Which is your favorite dream house?

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