8 dreamy family homes perfect for the suburbs

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When we buy a plot of land and set about building a dream house, there are so many questions flooding our minds! What size the house should be, which style it should follow, what kind of décor would be best – deciding all this and more can be a very challenging task! Even with the help of an expert team of architects, the final decision must be ours since a dream house is an extension of the owner’s personality. For this reason, we bring to you today 8 beautiful houses that will help you determine what kind of dream home would suit you best! Let’s take the tour!

​1. A sophisticated style

This gorgeous family residence is an architectural beauty with different volumes and shapes of gabled roofs and a balanced blend of neutral colours. The scattered effect of the stone path in the lawn and the numerous potted plants add a lovely rustic note to a refined ensemble.

​2. A simple façade

This house has a far simpler façade of a single colour, accented by a natural wooden door and white-bordered windows and doors. The roof with little triangular windows adds a touch of quirkiness that lifts the design while a pretty garden completes the picture of a simple but elegant dream home.

​3. Adopting the natural way

Nature’s beauty is unsurpassed and what better way to design a house than by including natural elements? The nature-themed exterior of this charming house makes it a unique and creative rustic abode.

​4. The extended house

This old house got a cool wooden extension that combines stylishly with its existing colours and textures. No suburban home is complete without a comfortable patio or deck.

​5. A rustic haven

What an idyllic location for a rural lifestyle! This simple but stylish rustic residence melds seamlessly in the natural surroundings, the warm beige and brown textured notes of the façade complementing the greenery perfectly.

​6. Cool elegance

This sophisticated dream in white and grey blends well with a cold winter climate. The sun room or patio is enclosed by glass doors and windows, making it possible to sit outside in natural light without being affected by the cold weather.

​7. Indulging in a fantasy

If the idea of palaces and castles appeals to you, why not indulge yourself with an extravagantly designed home! The opulence of this impressive façade together with its manicured green lawn reflects the personality of a family with a taste for grandeur!

​8. A spacious rustic style

This beautiful rustic yet modern residence takes us to a village lifestyle with its pleasing harmony of neutral walls, red tiled roof, cosy patio and spreading green lawn. The ambience is one of cosy comfort and serenity.

These 8 beautiful houses are an inspiration for designing a dream home of any kind!

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