7 Of the hottest house styles in Canada

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Do you ever feel a little lost when home design magazines start throwing around style terms like craftsman, traditional, and modern? What do they actually mean?

Today we’re looking at the most popular house styles across Canada and telling you a little bit about each one. In our list of the 7 hot Canadian house designs, you’ll find one that fits your style! Ready to learn more? Let’s start our list at number one.

1. Cottage

This darling cottage style home is a popular choice for Canadians. Cottages are cheerful and quaint. They create a home where you can put family life first. 

- Cottages are small and casual and give off a fairytale charm 

- They have generous front porches with their second story tucked into an attic 

- They have country-style fixings like window seats, bay windows, eat-in kitchen booths, and built-in china cabinets

See more of this heartwarming Canadian cottage in our full feature.

2. Traditional

You can find a home like this in practically every town and city across Canada! This traditional style home is popular because it’s familiar and cost-effective. 

- Traditional homes use characteristics from other styles like gables, dormers, and columns.

- They are unpretentious, usually two-story, and have covered entries

- Windows are evenly spaced

Warm and homey, a traditional style like this is ideal for those who love a classic look for their home. We did a full tour of this Alberta home that brings it back to basics.

3. Modern

Especially popular in urban centres, a modern style home like this is a head-turner. We love the flat and minimalistic facade that’s a throwback to a house style popular in the 1950s and 60s. 

- Modern homes have clean lines, simple proportions, and open plan spaces

- They often have flat roofs and use extensive glazing

- Modern homes accept the surrounding landscape into their design so that the landscaping melds with the home

- They showcase high-quality materials like marble and wood

Take a closer look at this modern Ottawa home by taking a tour!

4. Ranch

Ranch homes are intriguing because they’re native to North America. They connect you closely to the landscape. They were originally used as housing on ranches but now the term is a catchall for a single story home. 

- Ranch homes are usually single story with a shallow gable roof

- They have great patio and deck space

- Ranch homes are sprawling and use open planned interiors

See more of this quaint ranch that balances modern and rustic

5. Craftsman

Craftsman homes are among the most popular in Canada for good reason. They honour and venerated the detail and hardworking that goes into quality homebuilding. 

- Craftsman home reject mass-produced and cookie cutter prefab homes

- The exteriors feature a combination of wood and stone

- Craftsman homes have cozy interiors

6. Farmhouse

Farmhouses are ideal for reflecting a love of the land. An outdoor terrace on this home creates a transition space between the indoors and out. 

- Their foundations are a rectangle shape

- They have tall and narrow windows to create  a cross breeze

- They have large porches and terraces to connect them to the land

With a farmhouse, you're sure to develop your green thumb and create a garden space to go with your rustic inspired home. 

7. West Coast Style

Our Canadian claim to fame is the West Coast style. It comes from West Vancouver where between 1945 and 1975 the city was a centre of innovative residential design. West Coast style homes showcase their spectacular views of the sea and mountains.

- West Coast style uses post and beam construction with exposed wood elements

- They are integrated into the rocky and irregular landscape in West Vancouver

- They use open plan design coupled with extensive glazing and skylights

Thanks for checking our list of the 7 hottest Canadian house styles! Remember you can connect with architects on homify. Looking for a classic home look? Check out our feature on the New Classic home with endearing charm.

Which style was your fave?

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