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Today, we are going to travel to Germany and visit a 2014 home designed by architects Peter Ruge Architects, which was created for a German-Russian family of musicians.

It is located 75km north of Berlin in a beautiful countryside of Brandenburg, where it is surrounded by lakes and forests.

Based on a large property of 69 965 square feet, the one-storey wooden cabin features a spacious living room, dining room and kitchen, which all flow out onto a gorgeous wooden terrace and a natural garden.

This project is low cost, showing just how gorgeous budget-friendly architecture can be.

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Clean lines dominate

In this image of the house in the dark, we can see how clean lines work together with the warm yet light wooden facade to create a very appealing wooden cabin.

A flat roof neatly packages the home below it, while the large glass windows and doors, as promised, allow the interior of the home to connect flawlessly with the exterior of the home. The family has panoramic views of the surrounding nature and landscape from the living areas, possibly inspiring them to play more music!

The construction of the home was low cost, as we've mentioned before, with the cladding chosen to emphasize the renewable products. It also further connects the home to the natural surrounds, while merging contemporary style and rustic simplicity.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting is key to a beautiful exterior design, enhancing the details and design.

Here we can see how little lights in the ceiling create a wonderful ambiance throughout the exterior space, while shining light on the terrace. This makes this exterior space functional, evening in the evening.

Lighting also ensures that when family and friends visit in the evening or the family makes their way home at night, the home shines like a beacon on the horizon, offering warmth and comfort.

The lighting also enhances the wooden cladding, shining light on the beautiful material.

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Panoramic views

From inside the home, we can see how the large glass windows and doors allow for panoramic views of the beautiful surrounds. We can see the forest, lawn and sky. The home seems like it is part of the outdoors!

The designers have gone for wooden floors inside the home as well, maintaining that simple design. Wood also creates a haven-like effect, enveloping anyone who steps inside with charm and comfort.

Windows like these could be left bare, allowing the landscape to be framed, forming the focal point of the home. Otherwise curtains or blinds could be used to dress the windows for shade and privacy if need be.

Savvy in the daylight

In the daylight, we can see just how simple yet stylish this home is.

The wooden cabin is raised above the ground, while steps lead up to the large, glass front door. 

An entrance should always be thought about carefully as it is the first impression that people will get of your home. Here we can see how the large glass doors allow family and friends to feel like they are apart of the home before they even step through the door!

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In the wild

Wooden houses are incredibly effective, especially if they are based on a large property like this one. Do you see how the wooden structure integrates beautifully into the surrounds, without compromising on the modern nature of the home?

It's also clear here how the designers have gone for a slightly minimalist look and feel, choosing to keep the home as simple and functional as possible. This is where those clean lines come in!

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The plans

In the following images, we can see how the architects carefully planned the design and architecture of the home before construction.

These plans are very important as they make sure that everyone involved knows what to expect from the final result. They also allow the designers to play with space and make the most of every square foot!

Interior spaces

In this image, we can see how the designers have planned the interior of the home, opting for a large and open-plan design in the living space. The personal areas of the home, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms, are more private.

Do you see how the doors have been carefully placed in the plan as well as the windows? Every last detail has been thought of!

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