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Today, we are going to take a tour of an unusual house, which will certainly appeal to those of you who like chocolate!

These architects have created a facade out of deliciously milky colours including a timeless white and a chocolate brown. The result is a very attractive and appealing home!

It doesn't end here, however! This home is also incredibly functional and perfect for any family. To prove it you, we are going to explore it inside out. Not only will you be inspired by the style and design of this home but you'll pick up some ideas, tips and tricks for your own home.

Be warned, you may feel like tasting some rich, smooth chocolate after exploring this home!

First impression

From the outside, we come across a very stylish house.

At first glance, you can see that it has been designed with attention to even the smallest of details. The dark brown roof and window frames are reminiscent of delicious chocolate, which is a treat not only for children but for adults too!

The shades of brown contrast with the white facade, giving the home a real boost of freshness. 

It feels like this home is in a fairytale!


The designers have constructed this single-family home with lots of glazing, guaranteeing that during the day, the whole interior is adequately illuminated.

The warm rays of the sunshine stream into the home, making for a very warm, light and bright interior design.

Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light for inspiration for your own home.

Recreation in nature

There is no doubt that humans need to spend some time in the outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine. The presence of nature can soothe the nerves and charge us with positive energy.

This is why these designers have created a little outdoor corner with comfortable furniture, allowing the family to admire the greenery of the garden. This is a must for anyone who likes to enjoy nature.

First floor

If we explore these house plans, we can see that once you enter the house, you are welcomed by a corridor. This area is awash with sunlight during the day thanks to the large glass doors. There is also a wardrobe and a shelf for jackets, bags and shoes.  The designers have also invested in a separate dressing room, where the residents can store coats and other items. This makes for a neat, functional and appealing entrance!

Moving further into the home, the entrance flows into the living room. This is an area where comfort reigns! A wood burning fire place has been installed in the corner, turning the living area into a warm and cozy spot in winter. 

Right next to this area, we come across the kitchen and dining room. Both of these areas feature large glass windows, allowing for panoramic views of the beautiful surrounds.

Second floor

If we head upstairs, we come across three bedrooms. Each of them features a very original layout.

One of the rooms, for example, features a large arched window, which can be admired from the front of the house. It reminds us of a fairytale, once again, where the rooms are like little castle turrets holding little princesses.

The second bedroom features a window that looks out onto the street as well as a skylight, allowing for beautiful views of the blue sky.

The third bedroom has access to a balcony. This connects the room to the outdoors, giving it more space and allowing fresh air to flow through it.

This classic home is simply gorgeous! If you've enjoyed it, you'll love this Modern Fairytale Home by the River.

Are you craving a piece of chocolate now?

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