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We’re lucky enough to live in the Golden Age of television. The market is saturated with high-quality silver screen storytelling. There’s nothing stopping us from binge watching all weekend. 

If you love T.V. as much as we do then you’ll love this feature on magical Canadian media rooms. Media rooms have come a long way. Expect more than a second-hand couch and a sad T.V. in a dark basement! We’ll show you how making space for the activities you love can make you feel more at home.

1. What’s a movie without popcorn?

This media room designed by Unit 7 Architecture comes fully loaded. A kitchenette makes getting movie snacks a breeze and keeps beverages close at hand. Rich and dark elements like the stone wall and exposed wood beams give the room coziness. This bright basement elevates the concept of a rec room.

The details

This basement has a cohesive design theme inspired by rock music and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. To transform the basement into the perfect hangout, pay attention to details. This unique wine rack shows off a few covetable bottles. There’s a masculine vibe to the space echoed by the guitar and Harley decal. In this basement, cabinets create some light storage solutions. Built-in storage features used to be a must for any media room. As we move away from VHS and DVD and start streaming everything, we hope all that storage space frees up!Quality T.V. time

Quality T.V. time

The easiest way to design your own media room is to fill it with your own personality. Leaving it blank will create a cold and boring space that you won’t want to spend time in. Surround yourself with your favourite books, art prints, and decor items. In a room like this, it’s a good idea to invest in motorized window shades. You can enjoy the brightness in this basement until you’re ready to watch a movie. Then you can instantly create an at-home theatre experience with your smartphone. There’s something James Bond villainesque about motorized window shades that we can’t resist!

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2. Serious about your hobby

The experts at Douglas Design Studio created this immersive media room. It's where one can seriously indulge in their hobby. This at-home golf range is incredible. When you love something you have to make room for it in your life.

One last note: consider the acoustics in your media space. To get high-quality sound, you might need to make a few adjustments and add acoustic treatments. Media rooms that are optimized for sound have that extra edge so you can take your hobby seriously.

3. Old fashioned rec room

The interior designers and decorators at Design Inspirations created this cozy rec room. A pool table and a dartboard make this basement media room feel a lot like a pub! There’s a T.V. area tucked away from the revelry. In a rec room like this, your lighting needs will change depending on the time of day and your activity. It’s a good idea to install different lighting aspects to brighten up the pool table and dim down the T.V. area.

4. Getting comfy

The T.V. area in this rec room is warm and inviting. That sofa filled with cushions looks like the ultimate place to sink into while watching a movie. Easy chairs are excellent additions to a T.V. room because they feel a bit like you’re sitting in your own theatre seat! Unlike the real movie theatre, this one has more comfortable arm rests and much better leg room.

5. Living room/Media room

​Interior Design and Rendering Design Studio AiD Modern living room Engineered Wood Wood effect
Design Studio AiD

​Interior Design and Rendering

Design Studio AiD

Not everyone can have their own dedicated media room. In fact, most of us make do with our living room! The professionals at Design Studio Aid designed this funky living room that combines rich yellow tones with modern furnishings. We’ll use this space to show you a couple tricks to make a living room/media room hybrid work for you. 

Try hiding your media equipment in cabinets and behind sliding screens. It takes the focus off of the T.V. and shifts it back to quality time with family and friends.

Also, you’ll want to have furniture that’s easy to rearrange for movie nights. These chairs set up in a way that’s more conducive to chatting and having a laugh. Much better than every seat facing the screen.

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What do you use your media room for?

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