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16 beautiful bedrooms you'd love to dream in

Leigh Leigh
homify Modern style bedroom
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Creating modernity in a bedroom – or any other room – requires a fair dose of boldness, a keen eye for the new, a taste for the different and the unusual and some courage when it comes to taking risks and making decisions!

If you think that you've got what it takes, then you undoubtedly have the ability to turn your bedroom into a modern and amazing space.

To inspire you further, we've put together 16 bedrooms that are stylish and modern. Every single one is a wonderful example of how beautiful your bedroom can really look.

After exploring these photographs, you'll get the creative kick you need to enhance your bedroom space!

1. Neutral tones and natural light

cs Patios & Decks

The combination of neutral tones exudes comfort in this modern bedroom. Simplicity is the name of the game too. The only decor element is the fresh bouquet of flowers, which breaks up the discreet environment. 

Natural light flows in through the windows, which don't have curtains or blinds, creating a very refreshing interior space.

2. Canopy bed with tropical walls

This beautiful and modern bedroom stands out for two reasons: the stylish four-poster bed and the green tropical wallpaper.

The wooden floor finishes off the look and feel, creating a very stimulating environment.

3. The wooden haven

Sam's Creek homify Modern style bedroom

Sam's Creek


This room is almost completely coated with wooden boards in different shades, creating a warm and soothing environment. The lines of the wood add quite a mystical touch, which are accentuated by the small dimensions of this space.

4. Bed with a chic design

This bedroom is clean and minimalist with a very unique bed in the middle of the room. With an unusual shape and a functional design, this bed overturns the traditional rules of bedroom design.

5. Room with a mezzanine

Lavori 3d-arch Modern style bedroom



In this super-modern micro-room, space is limited. Thus designers 3d-arch have gone for simple lines that accentuate the mezzanine design. With everything open from all sides, the bedroom features panoramic views of the surrounds.

Don't you love the shape of the window?

6. Optical effect

In a not-too-large room, this black and white panel behind the bed with geometric patterns evokes a striking optical effect. 

The shelves that run perpendicular to it give personality to the environment.

7. Bold blend of colours

In this flashy room, what stands out is the daring blend of colours, which are introduced via the headboard, curtains and artwork on the walls. 

A little bit of colour can bring charm and character to a room!

8. Light and colour effects

In this environment, we come across a somewhat ethereal bedroom that is bright and elegant all at the same time.

On the wall behind the bed, we come across an installation of mirrors and light, which creates a stunning visual impact. It also balances out the otherwise very neutral environment.

9. Illuminated wall

Light and soft, this rooms gains much of its modernity from the illuminated partition wall behind the bed. It serves as a large headboard, while the soft lights create a very cozy environment.

10. Glass shelf and wall

New Canaan Residence Specht Architects Modern style bedroom
Specht Architects

New Canaan Residence

Specht Architects

Sober with simple lines and minimalist touches, this bedroom stands out because of its chic and stylish black base as well as the large glass window behind the bed.

Do you see how nature becomes one with the bedroom?

11. Stone wall and tub

In Europe, some bedroom feature a tub for a luxurious touch. 

In this room, we can see how the tub rests next to a stone wall, creating a very peaceful and relaxing environment.

Have a look at these 15 stone walls perfect for your home (and easy to copy!) for inspiration.

12. Pool-shaped bed

In this curious bedroom, we can see how the bed looks like an inflatable pool or boat!

This creates a very relaxing and comfortable bedroom environment. 

Don't you love the suspended shelves on the wall, which can be used for storage?

13. Decorative panel

A well-chosen decorative panel can work miracles in a bedroom. 

In this design, we can see how the panel introduces a very stylish and modern twist to the space. 

The key is knowing how to combine this with the rest of the environment, depending on the effect that you want to create.

14. Unexpected elements

This room features dark grey tones with modern finishes. The big surprise is the large clock on the wall, which marks time. 

This is an unusual and functional way to add a touch of decor to the walls.

15. Unusual wallpaper

Wallpaper with unusual prints can also make a room very original.

In this image, we can see how the wallpaper creates a very special ambiance, which complements the rest of the decor.

16. Geometric patterns

This room immediately grabs your attention because of its use of geometric patterns and strong shapes. The black and white tones are also very striking. 

This room is like Alice in Wonderland for adults!

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Which bedroom would you choose for your home?

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