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Bathroom cleaning: 19 tricks and tips

Leigh Leigh
​Brixham House Tye Architects Modern bathroom
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Do you ever wonder how some people get their bathrooms so shiny? What are their secrets? 

Before your give up on a sparkling clean bathroom or decide to remodel the entire room, we've put together a list of slightly easier options.

These 19 tips and tricks will teach you how to make your bathroom shine, with very little effort.

Don't believe us? See for yourself!

1. Fresh air

First of all, ventilate regularly! This introduces pleasant and refreshing smells and helps get rid of unpleasant odors.

2. Use vinegar to clean the shower head

Pour some vinegar in a bowl and place your shower head in it over night. You'll be surprised how clean it looks the next day!

3. Wash the bathmats

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark Drummonds Bathrooms Scandinavian style bathroom
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

Regular washing of the bathmats not only makes them visually clean but it provides your bathroom with a very pleasant fragrance.

4. Wax between the tiles

Use wax to clean the spaces between the tiles, allowing you to get rid of dirt in those hard to reach spaces.

5. Wipe the walls

Eaton Mews North - Master Bathroom Roselind Wilson Design Modern bathroom
Roselind Wilson Design

Eaton Mews North – Master Bathroom

Roselind Wilson Design

Bathroom walls need to be cleaned regularly. Get rid of any excess moisture immediately and you'll have a very modern and refreshing environment.

6. Thorough cleaning of the toilet

Your bathroom needs a regular clean, both around it and inside it. Do this at least once a week.

7. Cleansing tablets

Pop a cleansing tablet in the tank or the bowl of the toilet so that every time you flush, your toilet gets a clean!

8. Glass cleaner for the shower

Feature Showers and Steam Showers Nordic Saunas and Steam Modern bathroom
Nordic Saunas and Steam

Feature Showers and Steam Showers

Nordic Saunas and Steam

Get rid of any marks or fingerprints by regularly cleaning the shower door and any other glass features.

Don't you love this savvy shower by bathroom professionals Nordic Saunas and Steam?

9. Vinegar on fabric

Vinegar is like a magician. It clears stains in no time!

10. Clean the bathroom furniture

Your bathroom furniture will look brand new with a simple clean. Get rid of those old make-up stains or water marks!

11. Don't forget the lights

You will be surprised what a big different a clean light can make. Your bathroom will shine in new light!

12. Tie up the shower curtains

Tie up the shower curtains so that they don't hang in the wet, growing damp and moldy. It will look stylish too!

13. Use an old toothbrush for something different

Battersea LEIVARS Eclectic style bathroom



For those hard to reach, nasty nooks and crannies, use an old toothbrush for cleaning. You won't believe how sparkling your bathroom will look after the little areas have been cleaned!

14. Bleaching the corners

The corners of your bathroom can be brightened with a bleaching gel. Use your toothbrush to apply it for a thorough job.

15. Choose bright lightbulbs

You're allowed to use a few tricks to achieve a light and bright environment! Opt for bright light bulbs for a stunning visual impact.

16. Fragrant candles

Fragrant candles can make your bathroom a wonderful experience with beautiful smells and a stunning ambiance.

17. Glass cleaner for streaks

Use a proper glass cleaner to get rid of streaks and marks on any glass surfaces.

18. Rinse the shampoo and shower gel bottles

Rinse the bottles that hold your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel right away so you don't leave any residue on the shelves. 

19. Lastly: mop the floor

​Brixham House Tye Architects Modern bathroom
Tye Architects

​Brixham House

Tye Architects

Make sure that no dirt remains by wiping your bathroom floor regularly.

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