Container life: A pop-up home to adore

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In this age of environmental awareness, we’re more conscious than ever of what we use and consume on this planet. That’s why this project by the architects at Edge Design Studio in South Africa is filling us with hope for the future. They are taking an old shipping container and transforming it into a livable home. 

The home is built out of a single 12-metre shipping container. They construct the prefab home in a factory and then it’s transported to the site by truck. Pop-up structures create outdoor living spaces for the home. This beautiful container home gives new meaning to industrial style. Ready to take a look?

Prefab container home

This prefab container home looks like a sophisticated modern abode. The matte grey exterior belies the material’s humble origins. Untreated wood accents bring a rawness to the design that goes with the industrial style. A rooftop patio creates an unparalleled outdoor entertaining space. The home’s modest kitchen opens right to the outdoors and connects you with the exterior spaces of your home seamlessly.


Inside, we can take a closer look and see how the pop-out features of the home. Lifting up and out, the walls pop out to increase space. When they are closed, windows help bring light inside. The open plan inside is not necessarily a style choice. It helps make the most out of the restricted space. The simple wood plank floors and walls create a homey feeling inside. The cozy bedroom is down the hall and it has its own patio area. It’s easy to forget that we’re inside a shipping container!

Plenty of space

Separate areas in the interconnected home create a greater sense of space. A couple or small family could easily feel at home here. A solar panel on the roof hints at the home’s self-sufficiency. Most off-the-grid homes produce at least some of their own energy and have clever strategies to recycle water. A prefab home like this will make you rethink your ecological footprint. It gives you a greater sense of agency to control the resources you use. 


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Luxury container home

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