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The architects from Feldman Architecture provide a fitting description of this family home in San Francisco, dubbed “Fitty Wun”: 

“The design for Fitty Wun reflects the playful, sometimes irreverent, personalities of the clients, a couple with three active young boys and a “work hard, play hard” approach to life. The clients desired a house centered on large, light-filled central spaces where the kids and friends of the family would love to hang out today and also ten years from now. This space also acts as a welcoming, warm kind of ‘Panopticon that allows the boys the freedom to be boys while the parents are strategically within ear, if not always eyeshot, to arbitrate, adjudicate and apply basic medical direction’ (the client’s words!).” Playful, dynamic, and functional, the design of this family home fosters positive qualities such as an upbeat mindset, open communication, and time spent together as a family.


The front façade resembles that of a typical townhouse, built with the simple composition that blends in subtly among the neighboring homes that line the street on either side of the structure. However traditional the exterior “townhouse look”, the choice of modern materials and a distinctly rectilinear design theme hint at the emboldened modern theme found throughout the interior.


From across the street, Fitty Wun glows warmly at dusk, with the elevated view allowing you to appreciate the panoramic cityscape that can be enjoyed from the upper floors of the home. On the very top, a roof deck is surrounded by a green roof, looking out across the broad city views and down on the tree-shaded steps of the home’s intimate backyard patio.

​Rooftop deck

The rooftop serves as a refreshing escape from domestic city life, offering an environment rich with foliage, colour, fresh air, and a new perspective. Glass railings instill a sense of freedom and transparency in this stunningly simple rooftop design.


A sense of connection reigns in this vertically composed home, the floors linked through an open stair shaft. The metal-screen staircase leads upwards from the street-level to the upper floors, arriving first at the bedrooms and, further on, at a floating office “pod” and roof deck. A catwalk replaces a conventional closed corridor, connecting to the bedrooms as it stretches across the open atrium.

​Kitchen swing

A highly unusual feature, this fun family home offers up an opportunity for indoor play with the addition of this kitchen hallway swing! A kid’s dream come true.

​Dining room

Cheerful in a rich yellow palette, the dining room is defined by slim, straight lines that give the space a lighthearted feel.

​Living room

The living room is intimate and enclosed, conveying a sense of togetherness and close connection. This room flows seamlessly onto a deck and into the backyard, another location with space for the family to enjoy their varied, energetic activities together.

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​Master bedroom

The parents’ bedroom enjoys a practical location overlooking the backyard, an example of a well-thought-out design that allows the parents to maintain supervision over the kids while going about their own activities.

​Office pod

Private and quiet, this serene office pod captures a sense of tranquillity within its wooden walls. A floor-to-ceiling array of cabinets act as an innovative storage solution that keeps the space clutter-free, aiding in room’s appeal to focus and concentration. The pod provides an acoustically separated space for the client to escape occasionally from all the excitement below!

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