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The House of Curves and Angles

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Get ready for some exciting architecture, because this unconventional abode, designed by Berlin's Möhring Architekten, showcases a unique and inventive design that manages to appear completely different from each angle. Situated adjacent to the sandy dunes of a Baltic beach in Northern Germany, this property presents a modern and relaxing take on a seaside getaway, with its unusual proportions and striking facade intriguing onlookers. 

At once elongated, curved and angular, the home surprises in its versatility, with the designers having constructed a dwelling that, on the one hand, opens out upon a grassy courtyard and, on the other is completely closed off for privacy. It's not just the shape of the house that displays a novel aesthetic, but also its facade, with the rough texture of thatched roofing travelling all the way down the exterior to the base of the home's outer walls. From various vantages this presents the abode as a giant rock or a porcupine, always to amusing and engaging effect.

The interior is incredibly open, with a sense of flow immediately evident in the ground floor, as the kitchen, dining and living spaces seamlessly blend together. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors provide a steady influx of sunshine, alongside generous stretches of glass panelling intermittently cresting the home's roof. Pale decor of white walls and timber flooring has been used throughout, contributing to the airy and spacious atmosphere within the house, while furnishings have been kept simple and modern to maximise comfort without overwhelming the abode's interior.

All in all this property presents a refreshing take on a modern dwelling, with multiple design elements included to surprise and delight. Take a tour below and tell us what you think!

Intriguing exterior

From the outside, this unconventional home perplexes with its intriguing exterior, as the prickles of its thatched roof stream down its outer walls, almost creating the visual effect of a large rock or boxy porcupine! Breaking the flow of the thatching are intermittent glass panels, ranging from skylights flowing across the roof to a couple of small side windows and an expansive pane adjacent to the front door. 

Contrasting angles and curves

From an alternate angle, however, the home takes on a completely different appearance, with the crisp lines of its walls streaming upwards until they form a sharp apex. From this vantage the home appears angular rather than curved or boxy, and we get a real sense of the thick, insulating effect of its thatched facade. 

Flowing interior

Upon entry the home undergoes yet another aesthetic transformation, with its lofty, white ceilings flowing upwards, creating an immediate sense of openness and spaciousness within. Light streams in through floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows and through the skylights overhead, bouncing about the decor and creating a soft and airy effect. Floors of pale timber flow underfoot, supporting a range of simple, stylish furnishings, such as the minimalistic dining setting seen here and the contemporary couches in the distance.

Soft curves and a lovely view

This view of the home's living room beautifully displays the soft curve of the design, which snakes across the property, carving out the confines of a courtyard garden. The living room furnishings have been kept understated and contemporary, with the cool grey of the sofa tying beautifully with the pale tones of its surrounds. The piece has been perfectly positioned to make the most of a gorgeous view of the lush greenery beyond the home's large, glass sliding doors.

Inverted view from the garden

An inverted view of the home lends insight into its elongated, curved design, which beautifully cradles a lush, simple garden. By contrast to the home's entrance, which is all but sealed off by its thatched facade, this side of the home is completely open, with a lengthy stretch of glass doors inviting amalgamation between the indoor and outdoor living areas and exploration of the gorgeous garden seen here.

Simple, stylish bedroom

The bedroom continues the pale colour scheme of the home's prevailing decor, with the soft tones of white and wood infusing the space with a relaxing and inviting air. An indented, timber section behind the bed provides a stylish material contrast within the space, while a generous array of built-in-robes add functional storage. 

Contemporary bathroom

Adjacent to the bedroom is an expansive and luxurious area for bathing. The openness of the bathroom ties beautifully with the spacious and airy atmosphere throughout the home's living areas, with the space partitioned for privacy but still blending into the bedroom. Seen here is a lengthy, contemporary bathtub, perfectly positioned to enable the occupants to relax in front of the picturesque view out the windows.

Necessity and luxury

In true German style the bathroom also includes a private sauna, infusing the space with a sense of luxury on top of the stylish necessities already included. Constructed of traditional timber with glass doors, the sauna is generously proportioned, meaning that family and friends alike can enjoy a steaming detox whenever the need arises.

Cosy loft space

Cresting this extraordinary home is a cosy loft space, nestled within the ascending angles of the abode's roof. This private room presents a respite from the openness of the ground floor, with the clean lines of a contemporary sofa and the deep tones of a sturdy wooden desk inviting the opportunity to relax or work in tranquility. An array of timber shelves border the space, providing extensive storage, while a series of windows cap the side of the home for natural illumination.

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