5 modern family homes… and their bathrooms!

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Are you looking for inspiration to create your dream family home? Is modern style your favorite style? 

You couldn't have picked better!

Today, together with our top architects and designers, we are going to show you some really interesting projects that have recently arisen.

These buildings are all characterized by incredible functionality and stylish design. You will have a chance to become acquainted with not just the outside design but the interior bathrooms too! There is no doubt that this is a very important part of any home…

So let's see how gorgeous these houses are both inside and out.

1. The traditional home

This modern home is traditional yet contemporary. 

Architects Canexel have created a truly refreshing design with a home that spills out onto a spacious terrace. Living in such a home is a real pleasure!

1. Delicate pistachio

If you are looking for ideas for an original bathroom, this is the perfect solution! The designers have painted the walls a delicate shade of pistachio. This is quite an unusual colour, but it creates a very cozy look and feel.

2. Exclusive villa on the outskirts of the city

This modern villa is located on the outskirts of a big city. It combines classic elegance with modern design.

The home also offers plenty of living spaces, furnished flawlessly.

Large windows ensure that the interior space is bathed in natural light.

Let's check out the bathroom…

2. Space relaxation

In this photograph, we come across one of the bathrooms in the villa. Simple furniture has been used with white tones, which complements the beige tiles. 

The blue rug warms up the entire room. There is more than enough space to unwind in a hot bath.

3. Multi-family house

In this image, we can see how the multi-storey family house features stylish and charming concrete blocks. The large windows allow for a connection between the interior and exterior spaces while there is a beautiful and spacious garden.

3. Mini-spa

When you head into this bathroom, you want to scream with delight. It is a true oasis of relaxation. With subdued colours and high quality materials, this modern bathroom is a wonderful combination of functionality and style.

The star of the show is the modern glazing, which allows the home to be filled with natural light and offers beautiful views.

4. An impressive country house

Z House, Single Family home in Seeheim, Germany Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH Modern houses
Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

Z House, Single Family home in Seeheim, Germany

Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

This house was designed for life out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

The modern architecture is located in a picturesque village, which has undeniable advantages. The entire property is characterized by clean lines and crisp, white tones. This is a timeless look that works very well in the country setting!

4. Large bathroom

Z House, Single Family home in Seeheim, Germany Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH Modern bathroom
Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

Z House, Single Family home in Seeheim, Germany

Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH

It is common knowledge that long, hot baths are able to soothe even the most shattered nerves. For this purpose, our designers have created a bathroom that is very luxurious!

The bath is enclosed in dark stone, which makes this room seem very elegant.

5. The simple home

This home is characterized by minimalism, functionality and simplicity.

From the get go, we can see just how tasteful this home is. The grey tones are very elegant and stylish while the white finishes add a beautiful finishing touch.

Does the bathroom feature the same charm?

5. Two sinks

In this bathroom, we can see just how functional it is! It is no coincidence that there are two sinks. This ingenious solutions allows the room to be used by two people at the same time.

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Which home and bathroom would you pick?

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