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This solar-powered home stuns with futuristic style

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We've shown you plenty of eco-friendly homes before, but today we're touring our first Biovilla. The word Biovilla combines modern elegance of the highest degree with a humility before nature. That's the essence of this home. We will look in depth at its incredible wood facade. Undoubtedly, this sculptural two toned facade is the home’s crowning feature.

This futuristic building is a great example of the impressive and eclectic architecture of the 21st century, courtesy of the architects at Narrativa. We’re inspired by the environmentally friendly design and materials used in the home so elegantly. Let’s start our tour now and learn more about this exotic Biovilla.

Wood facade

Check out the fantastic wooden facade. Light walls and large windows cleverly combine with heavy wood elements.This home is all about its ultra modern form. It’s basic shape is angular, irregular, and unique. A protective outer layer wraps up the soft and warm interior spaces of the home. The choice materials of wood and plaster reflect this balance between hard exterior and soft interior. The architects have created a spectacular home by using natural products with impeccable attention to detail.


The home boasts a futuristic yet natural look. Well-integrated windows seem to have sprouted organically to produce the best possible light inside the home. The connection between the interior and exterior spaces is highlighted. Large windows connect the home to the garden space. Wood materials adorn the exterior of the home, but also they flatter the interior spaces. The architects have reiterated the focus on juxtaposition by the two toned wood exterior. Emphasizing minimalism, the light wood perfectly contrasts with the black framed windows.


Quick, is this a modern sculpture or a fully functioning eco home? The artful design is certainly impressive. The heavy wood roof sits atop the bright white volume of the home. This unfinished terrace out back transitions into the garden, inviting you to unwind close to nature. A woven fence around the plot encloses the home and connects it with the adjoining garden. This garden space is a focal point for the home. it's meant for communing with nature and inspiring guests to relax.


The home emphasises the indoor/outdoor connection. Interior spaces are designed to collect sunlight that will brighten and warm the house. Solar panels on the roof provide energy for the home. The rich, chocolatey shade of untreated wood continues from the exterior to the interior, giving the home a natural warmth.


Check out the open plan interior design with its modern loft. Natural tones create a simple colour palette meant to flatter the structure of the home. This kitchen and dining space is romantic and calming. A minimalist approach combined with rich materials makes for an inviting kitchen space.  

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What are your thoughts on the architecture of this biovilla?

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