Stylish sustainability abounds in this harmonious family home

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One of Canada’s greatest assets is our landscape. Vast and wild, each corner of the country boasts its own unique beauty and charm. Today, we’re looking at a home with views of Puget Sound just south of Vancouver. The sea meets the forest and combines with craggy rocks on the coast of the Pacific NorthWest. Instead of flattening and paving away the roughness of the land, the experts at Hoppet Design & Construction and VINEdesigngroup integrated the landscape in their construction. This original home features clean lines perfectly combined with the surrounding raw nature. On our tour, we’ll find rooms that flow into each other like water.  This high-quality and sustainable home is subtly luxurious. The architects combined form with function to create a serene mood for the home.

Modern and sculptural

The home has a graceful modern form. Designed to be in harmony and balance with nature, the home uses sustainable materials. Wood and glass combine with thick sections of concrete to create a distinctly West Coast style. Across the water, a fjord covered with thick forest creates a tranquil backdrop for the home.


We’ll see some incredible landscaping on our tour. This concrete slab path leading to the front door is flanked by plants. These vivid natural tones pop against the subtle grey shades of the home.

Dining room and eat in kitchen

This open plan kitchen with its eat-in counter is simple and sophisticated. Grey walls give the space an understated feel. Creative light fixtures above the kitchen island and dining room table bring personality and illumination. Neutral shades of tan and chocolate also make an appearance and contribute to the demure atmosphere. We love the mirrored surface of the table and the wide window along the kitchen!


This bedroom has soothing pale blue walls to create a serene atmosphere in the room. Exotic Eastern-influenced decor livens up the room while the striated beige carpeting keeps the look grounded. Check out the sliding door! It’s an unexpected touch that brings more fun to the home.


Outdoor living is a lifestyle on the West Coast, and what better venue than this stunning terrace? The water view is hard to top. Durable patio furniture is covered with soft cushions to create an inviting space. String lights create a romantic atmosphere, night or day. Imagine taking your morning coffee outside on a late summer morning, looking out on the water! Talk about house goals.

Open plan

Glazing surrounds the open plan main room of the home, opening it up to the terrace outside. There are pops of red colours and Eastern Influenced decor. The exposed beams in the design of the home give it a casual industrial feel and make the airy open plan possible.

Harmonious Dream home

The uniform composition of the house and its landscaping is incredible. We can’t wait to see more innovative projects like this! We hope you enjoyed our tour of this home that integrates with its surroundings in beautiful harmony. From this angle, we can see a hidden bonus feature of the home: the outdoor fireplace on the terrace. As if the terrace could get any better. 

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