12 Spectacular apartments for every star sign

Leigh Leigh
Studio Maggiore Architettura Living room
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Which interior design is most suitable for those born under the star sign of Aries?

And what about Gemini or Scorpio?

Today at homify we are going to work in order, looking at all sorts of different interior designs and decor elements depending on each zodiac sign.

The question is, will these speak to your star sign along with your character and style?

Learn how to create a refreshing and cozy home must by trusting the stars…

1. Aries

Luxury London Mayfair Aparment homify Living room White

Luxury London Mayfair Aparment


This home features a sophisticated and brilliant colour palette with an impeccable symmetrical arrangement. The lighting throughout the home enhances the detail and design, while the parquet floors add that cozy touch.

This is the perfect environment for an Aeries.

2. Taurus

Here we come across a perfect balance between vintage and modernity in an ideal living space for those born under the sign of Taurus. 

Designed by interior designers Buero Philipp Moeller, this home features wooden floors and charming touches in the form of decorative accessories such as flowers and designer lamps. Detail is key in this environment.

3. Gemini

The more eclectic the home, the better when it comes to the Gemini.

This winning interior design features beautiful pictures, colourful graphics and some industrial chic elements. Paired with raw wooden floors and natural light, this is home is an explosion of creativity.

4. Cancer

Don't you love this ad hoc apartment for the zodiac sign of Cancer?

Perpetually in dialogue with the outside world, it features large glass windows and doors. This allows plenty of natural light to flow in while providing views of the beautiful garden that surrounds the home.

The home takes on a country-style design, inspired by the colours of the earth.

5. Leo

Dominating the apartment of a Leo are warm colours and strong lines. 

Here we can see how there is an open plan design between spaces, creating a wonderful flow. 

The beams on the ceiling enhance the geometric shapes throughout the home, resulting in a little haven of pure energy.

6. Virgo

Walls painted light colours, a large sofa, an ultra modern and functional kitchen, a calming bedroom and a minimalist bathroom… this is exactly what we come across here.

Order and minimalism are strong features in the home of a Virgo, who likes to achieve a sense of precision and harmony throughout.

Their home should feel like a serene spa getaway!

7. Libra

Treasure House, Polzeath | Cornwall Perfect Stays Living room
Perfect Stays

Treasure House, Polzeath | Cornwall

Perfect Stays

The romantic and perfectionist character of a Libra can only enhance the interior of his or her apartment.

This home would thus be perfect for a Lira with the beautiful chandelier and contemporary fireplace.

8. Scorpio

Simplicity and ambiance work in harmony in this home, which suits the Scorpio perfectly.

Scorpios have passionate and charismatic personalities, opting for simple furniture but very detailed accessories and decor elements.

You will certainly see their personality shine through in their homes.

9. Sagittarius

Geographical maps, stones collected from travelling, books on a range of subjects and practical leather sofas – this is what you will find in the home of a Sagittarius. 

There is no room for boredom or banality in these homes. There are only elements that stimulate throughout because the Sagittarius is often a curious traveler.

10. Capricorn

The house of the Capricorn is undoubtedly a house of relaxtion and comfort.

The rooms are designed with ergonomics in mind along with warm colours, large and comfortable carpets and plenty of storage to house books, magazines, televisions and other elements for entertainment.

11. Aquirius

Large, spacious and ultura-chic, the house of the Aquarius oozes charm and styles. You'll also find precious metal such as copper or gold touches, creating a very sleek look and feel.

Elegance is the name of the game here.

12. Pisces

Carefree and intrigued, Pisces love an infusion of boho-chic style. This home would be ideal for them!

It is an oasis of exploration, equipped with beautiful yet functional accessories.

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