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10 inspiring ideas to help you build a unique family house

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The decision to build your own home is a big event.

However, before you get to the stage where you are able to just sit back on your sofa and watch your favourite film on your television in your very own home, there is a lot of work to be done! You need to plan your home very carefully, right to the very last corner.

The shape of the building, the elevation, glazed windows, the style of the garden, the paint colour for the interior – these are just some of the many things that you have to think very carefully about.

This is why today on homify, with the help of some of our top professionals we have put together 10 ideas to inspire you when it comes to a unique family nest.

We hope that these will be a great source of inspiration for you!

1. Original elevation

When it comes to building a family home, it is worth considering custom solutions that will enable you to enjoy a really original piece of architecture.

Perhaps you want to elevate your four walls?

An interesting idea is to replace the materials usually used with beautiful, wooden cladding. This will enhance the entire look and feel of your home.

2. Minimal precision

For those of you who like a minimalist style, this is the home to explore. 

Simplicity is key throughout, packaged below a flat roof. The home flows out onto a stylish and sleek terrace, allowing the living areas to be extended to the outdoors.

The subdued colour palette emphasizes the character and charm of the building.ding.

3. A touch of green

This home features a detached area that opens up onto a terrace, which can be used for relaxation. Comfortable furniture is present throughout, creating a multi-functional space.

This is the best area to read a book or entertain friends and family. The lush plants bring a positive and refreshing touch to the environment.

4. An unusual design

These days architects are constantly trying to create buildings that look distinctive compared to the usual traditional or standard houses.

Looking at the above image, you may give a little cry of delight!

The building has been ingeniously constructed so that it most certainly catches. the eye. The vertical glazing adds a dynamic and unique touch to the shape as well as the look and feel.

5. A window of the world

When it comes to glass, we will give you a tip: opt for as much of it as possible.

Glass doors and windows will allow sunlight to flow into your home, creating a very warm and light environment.

You can even replace an entire wall with glazing for a refreshing design. It will allow you to watch the whole world go past!

6. Timeless white

If you are looking for a way to liven up your four walls, there is a simple solution: dazzling white. White is a wonderful colour for a facade and creates a very elegant and classy look and feel.

In this design, we can see how the white facade contrasts with the black window frames and the wooden fence, creating a beautiful effect.

7. Modern hut

This looks like it comes out of a fairtyale! 

Yet, this type of home could be a reality. This modern hut was built in the middle of a forest, where we can see how rustic and contemporary work in harmony with one another.

The thatch roof, glass walls and black facade are edgy and appealing.

8. Beautiful surrounds

Reflecting on what we'd like our dream houses to look like, you need to consider what area it will be in.

For those who love city life, full of hustle and bustle, you may not want a country house in the middle of nowhere. 

Thus before you start thinking about the style of your home, consider where it will be positioned.

9. Tetris

Remember the game Tetris? Well these architects have considered it too! This extraordinary house uses different shapes and sizes to create a distinctive piece of architecture.

Thanks to the frames and the glazing, it seems to be made of so many different elements.

Once again we can see how originality dominates.

10. One of a kind

When designing your house, it is worth thinking about how you want it to be one of a kind. It should speak to your personality and tastes too. You'll feel even more proud of the finished product if so!

Current technology allows you to really envision what your home will look like after building and decorating. Use this to your advantage. And allow yourself to dream big!

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