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The decor and design of a home is primarily defined by the color scheme before the other flourishes step in to create a certain kind of look, or adhere to a certain school of design. Colors can be used to completely transform a space with the right balance, hue, and dose of the same or a combination of hues as well. With the right colors in place, you can actually transform your home completely! Take a look at the seven shades that are apt for a home!

​1. Going Green

Start seeing green with this lush shade. Play with the range of colors that are available on the green wheel. You can take your pick from bottle green, travel towards leaf green and even get those sophisticated and earthy olive greens for your walls. Take green and pair it with fine Scandinavian furniture as well as a hint of gold with a textured wall and soft lighting. The effect will be wholesome and understated! Remember to keep plenty of white elements at hand and use art for a pop of contrast hues so that the look does not become too monotonous.

​2. Black Beauty

If you thought black was only an appropriate shade card staple for your wardrobe, then you are mistaken. Black can be used for many kinds of design statements in the home and the look will always have one defining element – a dramatic aura. So take black and bait it with striking reds, or go monochrome with plenty of white. Also, you can stencil gold patterns on to a wall for a luxurious and classic look too!

​3. Neutrals and Browns

Many shades of brown form the color wheel of neutral shades, along with creams and muted hues like grey. So take your pick from these browns and layer your home with an unforgettable look and feel. Wood or stone tiles in brown with beige walls and cream upholstered wooden furniture will go a long in creating an elegant look.

​4. Versatile Grey

Grey is one of the neutrals that many designers happen to love! Pair this hue with green, yellow, pink, black and even blue - any which way you will have a look that says elegant, charming and lots of fun! White furniture with grey walls is one of the best statements in the design world.

​5. The Color of Wood

You can use wood in tandem with many colors. You can create a trendy space with green, or layer it with white for a soothing, countryside look. Either which ways, you will have plenty of warm touches in your space with this shade.

​6. In the Pink of Design Health

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Pink is a very becoming color that many people do not really use. Use it with white or black for a soothing or dramatic look, respectively!

​7. Those Blues

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You can bring in blue to create an airy yet bright view for your home.

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