A modern one-storey house – with plans!

Leigh Leigh
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Today we are going to visit a modern, one-storey 1607 square foot home, designed by the architects at Home Koncept.

And we have a real treat in store for you… because we have the plans that go with it!

We will explore the entire exterior design and then take a peek at the plans, showing how beautifully design and architecture can be when it has been very carefully thought out. You'll see how every inch of space has been utilized!

Shall we take a look? 

The modern exterior

The front of the house is warm and inviting with a facade that features stone blocks, a wooden facade and smooth, white walls. The grey roof neatly packages the modern design below it.

The mix of materials throughout creates texture and tone, integrating the architecture flawlessly into the beautiful front garden.

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2. The entrance

If we look at the home head on, we can see how a large, grey stoned pathway leads up to a black front door. The entrance is covered, keeping guests sheltered from any adverse weather conditions while they wait for the door to be opened. 

Pot plants decorate the entrance, adding some natural beauty and decor.

On the right-side of the entrance, we can see how a little seating area has been created on the patio. This allows the family to make the most of the front garden, the fresh air and the sunshine! You can have a cup of tea and watch the world go by.

A touch of privacy

On this side of the home, we can see how wooden panels create privacy for the interior of the home, blocking the glass windows if need by. This is great for the area of the home where the bedrooms are, allowing for a private space without blocking out the natural light.

The advantage of these wooden panels is also that they create privacy but don't make the home feel locked up like Fort Knox. Wood is a lovely, warm and soft material that works in harmony with other materials.

The back of the home

The back of the home features large wooden sliding doors and panels, which can open up allowing the living area to merge with the modern patio. This creates an expansive and multi-functional living space. 

The patio on this side features edgy and stylish furniture, while a covering ensures that this area of the home can be utilized all year round. 

This image also shows how important lighting can be outside. Spot lights and touch lights emphasize the details of the exterior look and feel, creating a beautiful, safe and warm ambiance.

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The plans

Finally, we get a chance to see the floor plans of the house where we can see how everything works in harmony with one another. The architects have truly made the most of every square foot!

We can see how the living area features and open plan design that connects seamlessly with the outdoor terrace while the bedrooms and bathrooms are slightly more private and enclosed.

The designers have ensured that they connect exterior and interior spaces, creating a feeling of spaciousness throughout.

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Are you impressed with this modern home?

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