17 decor ideas to make your bedroom comfortably cozy

Leigh Leigh
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The bedroom is the most intimate and private places in the house. It's where we end off each day, surrendering to our dreams and to rest. The room around us is the last thing we will see before we go to bed and the first thing that we will see when we wake up in the morning. Considering that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we may as well be doing it in a cozy and warm spot!

The most important element in the bedroom is the bed. It should be comfortable and cozy! Next you need to make sure that the combination of fabrics, furniture and cushions all work together to create a pleasant and appealing environment.

Today, we've put together 17 images to show you a variety of ways that you can make your bedroom more cozy than it already is. Follow us and discover the perfect bedroom!

1. Romance in large doses

The details of this bedroom show great care when it comes to furnishings. The fabrics chosen as well as the furniture create a sense of softness and tranquility. This is a room you can only have good dreams in!

2. Pastel tones

Colour is very important when it comes to the bedroom. The colour you choose will result in how you feel when you are in your bedroom.

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3. Wallpaper as the star

When you want to decorate the bedroom, focus on one element as the protagonist. In this case, the wallpaper serves this purpose, working in harmony with the linen and cushions.

4. Blue sky

Experts claim that blue is one of the most relaxing colours. Include it in your bedroom and you'll feel like you're outside every time you go to sleep.

5. Striped

Patterned fabrics or striped wallpaper can help us achieve peace of mind. Include them in your bedroom and you'll feel worry-free every time you step foot inside the bedroom.

6. Allow functionality and style to work together

Especially if your bedroom is small, it's important that you use functional items such as cushions, curtains and side tables to bring style and personality into your room. 

Let your personality shine through!

7. Striking colours

With a combination of intense colours, you can create a very friendly atmosphere in the bedroom. Do you see how they create positive energy?

8. Ethnic touch

Add a unique, rustic or eclectic element to your bedroom and allow it to transport you to a whole new world. 

9. Postcards from Asia

Light colours and natural elements such as wood are the best solution when it comes to sleeping well.

10. Sleeping with sophistication

For those who like to a little bit of luxury while sleeping, adding some gold touches to your bedroom. Class and sophistication collide!

11. Bedroom art

If you love art, the bedroom is a good place to put it on display. Paintings, drawings or hand-painted fabric can bring that extra special something to your resting room.

12. Geometrics

Playing with geometry is a great way to furnish the bedroom. The headboard in this design, for example, is an element that attracts attention and adds clean lines and unique shapes to the space.

13. Lighting

Lighting is a powerful ally and can create a very special atmosphere. Use lights embedded in the ceiling to create a warm and cozy environment. 

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14. Rustic dreams

The authenticity and freshness of a rustic bedroom make it that much easier to rest. They can transport us to a simpler time, taking us straight off to sleep.

15. Simplicity and elegance

Choosing dark colours for a bedroom can make for a very elegant and understated environment. When combined well, dark colours can really introduce personality to an environment.

16. Taste for crafts

If you consider yourself and artist, let your work shine in your bedroom!

17. Waking up in the sunlight

To start your day off with positive energy, wake up in an environment that conveys cheerfulness. Vibrant colours such as yellow can make for a wonderful environment.

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