15 marvellous modern kitchens that feature wood

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Among all natural materials, wood is one of the most versatile, durable, warm and beautiful. And it’s not just meant for rustic decor. Modern spaces can easily and creatively imbibe wood to make a unique statement and connect with nature. So check out these 15 gorgeous and practical kitchens where wood is the star!

1. Wood everywhere

Wood lines every nook and cranny of this smart U-shaped kitchen for an elegant and cosy feel. Bright lights accentuate the beauty of the material further.

2. Cozy and stylish

Different hues, finishes and textures of wood can be combined tastefully to create a kitchen that is both classic and contemporary. Take a cue from this lovely and snug creation by the architects at Studio Architettura Carlo Ceresoli.

3. Wood and steel meet

When wood and steel come together, they can make for a very industrial chic kitchen. If wooden claddings abound in your kitchen, pick shiny stainless steel appliances for a very modern look.

4. Durable and comfy

Wood is just not versatile, but long-lasting and comfortable to use as well. Make sure it is treated properly and maintained.

5. Bright and airy

Light-hued wood when paired with white can make your kitchen look very bright, big and airy as well.

6. In an open plan layout

If you have an open kitchen, wood can be used not only in the kitchen but also in other places to ensure a consistent look.

7. Rustic yet chic

Besides being eco-friendly, wood is biodegradable, recyclable and heat-resistant as well. And of course aesthetic! In this kitchen, smooth-finish wood has been coupled with greys and whites for a modern look, while the heavy ceiling beams offer rustic charm.

8. Bold in dark

A very dark finish of wood can offer stunning contrast and boldness if your kitchen is white otherwise. In this kitchen for example, the wood seems almost black!

9. Glossy beauty

Polished wood when combined with white can make a kitchen look very luxurious and clean too.

10. Ensuring harmony

You can also introduce wood in the kitchen to maintain harmony among various elements, be it a brick-finish wall or modern steel appliances.

11. Wood for the structure

Instead of the kitchen furniture, you can use wood for the rafters and columns as shown here. It will make for a very dependable structure and also contrast the trendy counters beautifully.

12. How about the dining?

If your dining space is integrated with the kitchen as shown here, you can pick elegant tables and chairs in wood as well. This will lend a warm touch to the kitchen as well.

13. With grains

Wood with contrasting grains is a regal choice for ultramodern kitchens like this. It offers the right amount of warmth besides contrasting the steel and white surfaces.

14. For practical purposes

If you are not keen about wooden claddings, then go for an island and shelves in wood, like in this kitchen. The island can feature inbuilt cabinets and shelves as well.

15. Vintage effect

Natural wooden furniture paired with a gorgeously patterned floor make this kitchen truly vintage without compromising on modern comfort.  

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