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Scandinavian-style home decor: 10 rooms that get it right

Leigh Leigh
Galleria del Vento Living room
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In this article today, we will take you on a tour to discover 10 fantastic interior design projects that feature a Scandinavian style.

From the most eclectic to the more canonical, from the most romantic to the more dazzling, we will come across some unique and stunning homes by some of the top architects and interior designers in the world.

Shall we take a look?

1. Protected from bordeom

Dedicated to those who think that the Nordic style is monotonous, this home features diversity and charm. The floor patterns enhance this beautiful Scandinavian style, making for a beautiful environment.

2. Relax with Scandinavian!

Hands up for those who would like to surround themselves with Nordic design elements in this beautiful and well-kept bedroom.

3. Even colours

Who said that Scandinavian style can't feature bright colours?

Undoubtedly we normally find pastel colours in a Scandinavian design but you can certainly add a burst of vitality. As we can see in this design, it creates quite a visual impact!

4. 100% sober

A handful of sobriety can truly the catch the eye if you opt for high quality pieces. Wooden furniture and suede fabrics can help to achieve this, working in harmony with white walls for a beautiful effect. 

Don't you love the high ceilings in this room which create a light and bright environment?

5. The Nordic attic

Why not add a loft to the home in a Scandinavian style?

This is a great way to make the most of this space! The white painted ceiling and the neutral furniture create a beautiful and comfortable environment.

Also have a look at these top tips for your attic space.

6. Modern and Scandinavian

Home staging Berlin Cocolapine Design
Cocolapine Design

Home staging Berlin

Cocolapine Design

This project reflects a Scandinavian design with its white walls and light wooden flooring. The simple furniture is the cherry on top, introducing modern and minimalist style to this beautiful environment.

7. In the kitchen with taste

This Scandinavian style has been incorporated in the kitchen, creating a functional, sleek and appealing space. The natural light that flows in enhances the whole look and feel!

8. From classic to nordic

This home features a classic design, while the furniture introduces that Scandinavian touch. Do you see how styles can work together in harmony with one another?

9. With a twist

In this living area we can see how an old suitcase has been used as a coffee table for a funky touch to a Scandinavian design.

Don't be afraid to add a few quirky touches!

10. Scandi-chic

This newly built apartment enhances the quality of Scandinavian chic style by adding beautiful wall art and modern lighting to the environment.

The result is an atmosphere filled with personality!

If you like this architecture and design, you'll love this energy-efficient home that's simply stylish.

Would you choose Scandinavian style for your home?

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