15 Canadian Country Style Living Rooms

Leigh Leigh
Дизайнстудия I M E N N O Living room
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If you're looking for a living room that oozes functionality, comfort and charm, opt for a country-style look and feel.

Country-style design merges very simple furniture and colours with warm colours and earthy tones. It can also work in harmony with a variety of styles including a modern style, a French style  or even a Mediterranean style!

To prove it you, we've put together a range of country-style living rooms that will blow you away today. Each and every one is as unique and different as the next, but they all ooze a beautiful look and feel.

Shall we take a look?

1. Wooden walls, floors and ceiling create a haven of warmth

2. Stone walls and wooden ceiling beams merge raw materials, making for a beautiful country-style design

3. Add cozy rugs for a warm and beautiful interior

5. Trendy design

Country style doesn't have to be traditional or classic. Here we can see how a very modern and sleek apartment features a beautiful country theme thanks to the artwork and little decor touches here and there.

8. The patterned rug and warm coloured cushions make for a stunning country interior

Living Room ZERO9 Living room

Living Room


10. Add a fireplace to your home for a functional, country touch

11. Connect to nature with large glass windows and doors

12. Utilize the attic for a cozy living space

13. The steep gable roof makes for a dramatic design

14. Modern mixes with country for a sophisticated design

Which is your favorite living room?

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