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Found in the French region of Saint-Jorioz, today's project is a masterclass in how to create a contemporary wooden home that is impossible to forget! Aside from the undeniable good looks, however, this is a fully functioning and amazingly sustainable home that is filled with innovative future-proof technology as well. 

The structure of this amazing house was created solely from glued laminated spruce and enjoys red cedar cladding to the exterior. A great choice, given how hardy the material is, the cladding will age beautifully as well, meaning that this house will only ever get MORE gorgeous! Reinforced insulation solar shading and electric roller shutters ensure that the internal temperature will always be comfortable and dense wood fibre insulation contributes further to the impressive air-tightness of the home. Air-to-water heat pump heating completes the impressive list of sustainable technology, but don't for one moment assume that aesthetics have been negated for eco-friendly inclusions! Come with us now as we show you how striking and beautiful this home is and then let's take a moment to tip our caps to the architects that designed it!

A breathtaking façade.

Admit it; if you walked past this house, you'd have to stop to really appreciate it, wouldn't you? Aside form the grandiose proportions, the cedar cladding offers such a dramatic visual that really commands attention. The sleek lines are a beautiful way to add a contemporary twist to a traditional wooden home!

An integrated terrace of dreams.

If you were wondering how this home could get any better, here's the answer! Including a stunning and totally complementary timber terrace is the ultimate finishing touch to an already phenomenal home. Imagine how fun a garden party would be out here!

All about the wood.

What we really love about this interior, other than the on-trend open-plan layout, is that the wooden structure is the star of the show. Neutral décor choices have allowed the naturally gorgeous wood to shine and with so much glazing in place, the sunlight simply pours in and amplifies how generous the proportions are here.

From up high.

Standing here on the gangway, you can really appreciate how easy and flowing the interior is. Warm tones resonate throughout to create a naturally engaging and social ambience and hello! Is that a super luxe pool that we can see in the back garden now? Incredible!

Sophistication throughout.

You may have been expecting an exclusively timber bathroom, as we were too, but in actual fact, a muted and stylish tiled addition is in place! The coffee and cream tones of the tiles really work with the natural wood vanity unit and offer just enough contrast to the rest of the home, but remains wonderfully neutral at the same time.

Interior architecture goals.

Staircases have a tendency to be, well, a little dull. They are a necessary inclusion in any multi-storey home, but they tend to get a little overlooked in terms of style and design, but not here! Crafted from wood, anodised metal and brushed steel, this installation is the perfect combination of traditional function with contemporary style, which sums this whole home up!

So many levels.

We thought that this was going to simply be a two-storey home, but in actual fact, there is a ground floor entrance that leads up to the main living area, which in turn, extends up to the more private areas! With no doors in place, the open vibe remains, but the separation of functional spaces really adds grandeur.

Look up!

We couldn't resist including this view of the staircase, as it perfectly demonstrates how lofty the proportions of this home are! Don;t you find the contrast of the creamy natural wood and bold black metal so mesmerising? There's almost an industrial flavour to this design!

A little regional touch!

Other than the fact that we told you, you may not have really known that this stunning home could be found in France, but the house number certainly helps! A very traditional blue and white plaque, it's such a treat to see that some tradition has been added to an otherwise strikingly modern home.

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