6 winning ways to update your house before you sell

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So you're looking to sell your house?

Before you put it in on the market, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to be aware of. They can mean the difference between a house in demand and a house that gets overlooked!

Today at homify, we are going to look at 6 winning ways to update your house before you sell. 

Remember that a little preparation goes a long way!

1. Spruce up the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why you want it to create a fantastic first impression to any possible buyers. Make sure that the counters are free of anything that isn't absolutely necessary and that your cutlery, crockery and utensils are stored neatly out of sight. 

If you have a kitchen island or you have the opportunity to install one, it will immediately increase the value of your home. Also fix any loose cupboards, leaking taps or chipped paint.

For inspiration look at how Victorian and modern decor intersect beautifully in this renovated Ontario home

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2. Make sure your bathroom is functional… or add one!

The bathroom is the one room in the house where we spend the most amount of time, so we want it to be functional as well as have a little luxurious twist.

You can bet that those to looking to invest in a new property will feel the same way. Make sure the mirror is wiped clean and the light fittings are fixed and polished.

Also give your taps a good clean so that they shine!

If you don't have enough bathroom spaces, now is the time to invest!

3. Organize the living areas

Your living spaces should look neat and organized, no matter how well lived-in your home is. Make sure the remote controls, books and cushions are all positioned in their correct place. Also ensure the bookshelves are dusted and books and picture frames are positioned neatly on top.

Tip: Give the floors a vacuum and a wipe so that they sparkle!

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It's also a good idea to open spaces, which will instantly make your home look bigger than it really is. Have a look at this beautiful house in Toronto for inspiration.

4. Don't get personal

121 Hillcrest Drive Sonata Design Modern style bedroom
Sonata Design

121 Hillcrest Drive

Sonata Design

You want possible buyers to see how homely and beautiful and cozy your home can be, but you don't want them to feel alienated. Take out the personal touch, especially from spaces like the bedroom. Family photographs, your kids' paintings and your personal beauty products should be put away in a drawer, neatly out of sight.

Buyers should be able to imagine what living in your home would feel like for themselves!

Tip: Repaint the interiors of your home but use neutral colours to suit any style.

5. Don't forget about the exterior

The exterior is the first impression that people will get of your home so don't forget it when you're making it look beautiful!

Rake up old leaves, prune the trees and do some maintenance on the facade. You can also use lighting to illuminate the exterior design. 

Have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses for inspiration!

Don't you love this gorgeous curb?

6. Consult an agent

354 Sherwood Blvd Sonata Design Study/office
Sonata Design

354 Sherwood Blvd

Sonata Design

Apart from maintenance work, cleaning up and making sure fresh air and sunshine flows through, you need to chat to an estate agent about what the possibilities are price-wise for your home.

Before your estate agent sees your home, make sure it is de-cluttered and looks beautiful. 

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