10 cheap kitchen decor hacks

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Getting the right mix or practicality and aesthetic appeal in the kitchen may seem like a massive undertaking as well as expensive but with a few simple and budget-friendly ideas, you can give that fresh look to your cooking space that it's been craving!

Kitchen designers and experts in the field are the first to admit that it's the small changes that make a big difference. This can result in a very elegant environment that looks luxurious, while remaining functional too!

If you aren't sure where to start, we have 10 ways to spruce up your kitchen for less than $200.

1. A touch of colour

For a few dollars, you can buy some accessories for the kitchen that are colourful and impressive such as a cart of vegetables, pots or some scented herbs. A few colourful accessories can decorate the entire room!

2. Suspended shelving

If you like practical DIY tasks, you can build your own suspended shelf like we see in this proposal. You can get them from specialized hardware stores or create a DIY metal and then sure shelves to it. 

The result is very impressive! It also provides this space with more than enough storage!

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3. Simple wooden shelves

Speaking of shelves, if you prefer a more simple design, why not go for plain, wooden ones? In this design, we can see how a Scandinavian-style set of shelves makes for a gorgeous kitchen.

4. The blackboard effect

This is a very simple way to upgrade the kitchen – the blackboard wall!

All you need is some black paint and you can add a very modern and refreshing look to the kitchen. It's also practical too! You can jot down a shopping list or leave notes for the rest of the family.

5. The magnetic wall

Use magnetic paint for a portion of the wall and use it to hang small tools. This is a true space-saver!

6. Recycle old wooden boxes and use them as shelves

This is a great way to add a shabby-chic look and feel to the bathroom while providing the environment with more storage. 

Recycling also doesn't cost a dime!

7. Customize the lights

If you enjoy being creative or a fun DIY project, why not customize the lights like we see here? This is a truly an original look and feel that adds so much personality to the kitchen.

8. Remove the doors

One of the easiest ways to add a modern touch to the kitchen is to remove the doors from all of the cupboards. Instead add clear containers or wicker baskets, for a lovely industrial chic environment.

9. Add an aromatic pot plant or two

This is a very cheap and very effective option!

Recover old pots with black paint and use chalk to write on them. You'll end up with aromatic plants of different varieties and you'll be able to indicate the name of each plant on the outside of the pots.

10. Use LED lights

task lighting for kitchen ZERO9 Kitchen

task lighting for kitchen


LED lights are very cost-effective and are easy to apply to the kitchen cupboards. Use them to illuminate different details of the design, adding charm and functionality.

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