A three-storey house with sandstone cladding and wood trim

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Dom z widokiem MG Projekt Projekty Domów Modern living room
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This simple home, designed by architects MG PROJEKT PROJEKTY DOMÓW, is designed for a 4-6 person family as a modern and stylish villa. It simple exterior opens up into an extraordinary interior, which merges function and style.

Designed with the view in mind, every part of the home works in harmony with the surrounding garden, landscape and nature.

The house features three-storey wings, which form the shape of the letter T. As we explore this home, you'll see how the living areas work in harmony with the outdoor spaces. Large windows allow for a seamless flow between the two.

You'll also notice how intricate and detailed the design is. The home features sandstone cladding, rustication plaster and a wooden trim, which creates a very simple, earthy and slightly rustic look and feel. Yet the home is very contemporary, exuding peace and elegance.

This is a timeless design that makes the absolute most of space. The home features everything from a living room to a dining room to a hall to an office. The upper level is made of the more private spaces such as the bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing room.

You'll find this tour incredibly enjoyable!

Modern, refreshing and simple

From the exterior, we can see how the facade is made up of a mix of elements including white plaster, sandstone and wooden finishes. This works in harmony with the grey roof, creating a cozy, warm and appealing first impression. 

Already we can see how the windows and skylights ensure a constant connection between the interior and exterior spaces.

The home is also very functional, with plenty of space and a double-garage for cars and bicycles to be stored neatly out of sight.

Interior bliss

The home features an open plan design, with the rooms and the different levels all flowing into one, interactive space. The neutral tones create a cozy environment, while the designers have used functional elements such as the lighting and the fireplace to add stylish touches to the decor.

A light space

The kitchen and dining room work in harmony with one another, allowing for the chef to chat to the diners while he or she whips up a feast!

This is a great design for a modern home, truly allowing the kitchen to become the heart and soul of the house.

The entertainment room

With white leather sofas, a large flat-screen television and a plush rug, this room is the perfect space to relax with a book, play board games with the family or watch a film. Have you ever seen such a stylish entertainment space?

Going up

On the second floor of the home, we can truly see how every square inch has been utilized. A bookshelf on the wall adds a trendy touch to the environment, while keeping books neatly stored away. Two funky chairs turn this space into a make-shift library area.

Thanks to the glass railings, the mezzanine levels still works in harmony with the rest of the interior spaces.

The trendy bathroom

Before we go back outside, we have to pop our heads into this luxurious bathroom! The wooden floors create a very warm environment, while the contemporary finishes make this bathroom feel like it belongs in a hotel!

The skylight is the cherry on top, offering views of the sky while one relaxes in a hot bubble bath.

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A real look

Here we get a chance to see this home once it has been built. It looks identical to the renderings! It's wonderful to see how a home design translates directly into reality.

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