13 rustic dining rooms that naturally delight

Leigh Leigh
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If you're after a dining space that makes it feel like your family are nestled around a campfire or among the fresh air, trees and nature every time you sit down for a meal, then rustic is the way to go!

rustic dining room works in harmony with so many types of dining rooms too! Think formal, quaint, laid-back or modern!

Today, we are going to inspire you with 13 rustic dining rooms ad show you just how connected to nature you can be with the right accessories, furniture and decor!

1. Natural elements

For a rustic dining room, choose natural materials that connect it to the outdoors.

Have a look at these tips for making your home roar with raw materials.

2. Let the light in

Utilize the views around your dining room by installing large glass windows and doors. Let the sunshine flow into the interior space, warming it up and creating a naturally cozy environment.

3. Opt for wood

If you prefer a more simple and minimalist look and feel, opt for a simple wooden dining room table. Wood is all you need for a welcoming environment.

4. Rustic decor

Use lamps, pot plants, clay sculptures and chunky vases as well as earthy-coloured cushions to create a rustic dining room and living space.

5. Enhance with lighting

Use lamps and LED lights to illuminate the rustic details of your dining room.

6. A simple vase of flowers

Sometimes it's all you need!

7. Shelving

Utilize storage in your dining room so that you can have cutlery, crockery and utensils at hand whenever you host an impromptu dinner party!

Keeping your beautiful cutlery, crockery and utensils on display will add to the rustic look and feel of the dining space.

8. A stone wall

Simple and cost-effective, a stone wall can become the focal point of a rustic dining room.

Have a look at these 15 stone walls perfect for your home (and easy to copy!)

9. A fireplace

Hearty, warm and functional, this is the ideal feature of a rustic dining area.

10. Have some fun

You can afford to get a little quirky with rustic decor, creating a very unique dining room!

11. Wooden floors

Another must for a homely dining room that oozes rustic elegance.

12. Benches

Add a wooden bench or two to the dining room table rather than standard chairs for a more country-style look and feel.

13. Make the most of table decor

Your napkins, condiments and place mats should all enhance your rustic dining area!

Have a look at this rustic house soars with alpine charm for more inspiration.

Would you opt for a rustic dining room?

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