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Decor ideas for small kitchens

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Today we are going to get a little inspiration for Italian design, looking at some tasty, daring and different ideas for the kitchen.

These 15 small but trendy kitchens are all Italian in style and design. They will provide you with an overview of the finest kitchens that optimize available space and create a very comfortable yet stylish interior design.

These kitchens feature everything from Scandinavian style to total white design or industrial chic to eclectic charm. With materials such as wood and marble, these designers will inspire today!

1. Blackboard

A blackboard makes a kitchen look trendy as well as functional and fun!

2. Playing with pastels

Functional and compact, this kitchen features a kitchen island surrounded by a beautiful combination of pastel shades. This brings everything together in perfect harmony.

Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure for inspiration.

3. Glossy surfaces with dark wood

By switching the matte appearance to a rough dark wood, we get a range of beautiful textures that creates a modern and warm environment.

4. Crispy white

A total white kitchen can be very versatile and ultramodern, especially when combined with light wooden floors.

5. With a sliding door

If you want to separate a small kitchen while maximizing space, opt for a transparent glass door. This is a smart and stylish solution for an open space.

6. Scandinavian

Small, but absolutely charming, this bright Scandinavian kitchen proves that you don't have to have a very large kitchen.

The wicker chairs, plants and chandelier are the extra touch needed for a trendy environment.

7. Well-structured

The arrangement of furniture and equipment in this kitchen is very simple but very effective.

The oven has been installed on the outside of the kitchen counters, creating freedom of movement.

Wood and white work together in harmony in this modern oasis.

8. Clever colours

An explosion of colour creates a wonderful ambiance in this little kitchen. The blue kitchen island also doubles up as a dining table, while the spotlights add an attractive touch to the environment.

Don't be afraid to play with colour and lighting for a unique look and feel!

10. Kitchen in recess

This is a creative idea that appeals to the eclectic souls and not just because of the pattern on the floor! The kitchen flows into the living space in an open plan design, creating a very aesthetically appealing look and feel.

11. Stylish u-shape

This u-shape design conforms to the interior trends that optimize space. The white and grey hexagonal floors tiles and glossy furniture are very pretty!

12. Effect of industrial stone

This small but well-organized kitchen is very special because of the beautiful stone floor and industrial accents in the form of the hanging lights.

13. Pop art colours and patterns

You may need a little bit of courage to go for such a bold colour, but if you have the guts, the result is flawless!

14. Marble is back

Marble is back in fashion with a vengeance, bringing a classic touch to a modern cooking space.

15. New age

This unconventional kitchen features a mix of materials that makes for a very visually appealing space. You'll also notice how sunlight streams in, creating a light and bright atmosphere.

If you can opt for large windows in your kitchen for an abundance of sunshine!

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Which kitchen would you choose for your home?

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