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Oops! How not to embarrass guests who use your bathroom

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Let's get real for a moment and say that we ALL know the embarrassment of using someone else's bathroom and it all going horribly wrong. If there's no air freshener or the loo paper runs out, for example, you could be left red-faced and wishing you hadn't bothered, so why don't we take a minute to address some easy steps that will put your guests at ease? Bathroom designers are great at making beautiful spaces, but they can't help you in terms of making them user-friendly, so come with us now as we tell you how you can make your bathroom the answer to your guests' prayers!

1. Have plenty of toilet paper.

Nobody wants to fall victim to the cold sweat of dread when the last sheet of toilet paper flies off the roll, especially if much more is needed, so always have a plentiful supply of rolls in your bathroom and out on show, if possible! Just a couple of rolls will be enough to reassure guests!

2. Keep air fresheners and matches close to hand.

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Think about what you do in the bathroom and you'll realise that having air freshener out on display is critical! There are plenty of amazing varieties, designed especially for bathrooms now, with fresh, natural scents and if all else fails, have a box of matches on top of the cistern!

3. Include face tissues.

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As well as toilet paper, you need to have a box of soft face tissues in your bathroom as well. Great for emergencies, nose-blows and all manner of personal hygiene tasks, they really are a staple that you shouldn't be going without!

4. Always hang a hand towel.

There's nothing worse than washing your hands in someone else's bathroom, only to discover that there is no towel! What do you do then? Drip-dry? Wipe them on your clothes? Bleurgh! A small fluffy towel is what you want, just hanging up in plain sight and ready to use!

5. Hide personal things away.

Friends and family don't need to know all about your inner workings, so if you have personal medications and ointments in your bathroom, hide them away in a cabinet. A little privacy is a good thing for everyone!

6. Have accessible hygiene products for the girls.

Sanitary items are something that even in 2017, a lot of people are embarrassed to ask for, so why not take the stigmas out by having a basket of relevant products that can simply be dipped into? Include scented disposal bags as well, as they are a lifesaver!

7. Try to make it a little more soundproof.

We know it's a bit of a stretch to make a bathroom soundproof, but if you can choose materials that won't echo or resonate quite as much, then do! Either that, or how about installing a music system, so that people can go about their business and not be heard at all?

8. Remember to have a trash can.

Not everything can be flushed, so always have a trash can in your bathroom. Guests shouldn't feel as though they need to stash things in their pockets or handbags and really, it makes sense to have a garbage bin, so why wouldn't you?

9. A plunger could save a few blushes!

Accidents happen and when they do, it's nice to be able to sort them out yourself, with no fuss. To that end, keep a plunger on your bathroom, as well as a toilet brush, so that guests can easily leave the room as they found it, rater than making a speedy exit and having to deny all knowledge!

10. Be sure the toilet flush works.

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This might seem like a common sense tip, but trust us, you only discover a faulty flush at the worst possible time! Before people arrive, just have a test flush and rest easy that nobody will have to ask for help, later in the evening! If there is a knack to your flush, let everyone know too! Some older properties have their quirks!

For more great bathroom tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 modern bathrooms that will convince you to renovate yours.

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